Speed Test

Having speed issues with your connection? First try power cycling your modem by unplugging it from power, waiting 10 seconds, then plugging it back in. Then allow your modem to power up again before attempting to connect. Then run a speed test and check your results.

Step 1

Click the button below to go to our Speed Test Page, which will open in a new tab or window. The speed test will find the closest server to your location and list the server owner and its approximate location. Click the ‘GO’ button to begin the speed test.

Step 2

The test will perform a ping check (how long it takes requests to be sent and received), jitter (variations in signal strength), download speed, and upload speed. There is a COPY button at the end of the test which will copy the link to your results to send to EIN. If you’re experiencing issues with your Internet connection these numbers can help our technical team diagnose problems. Submit to EIN via email ([email protected]) or by texting us at (405) 896-3561. You can also take a screenshot or snap a picture with your phone to send to us!