Credits & Refunds


EIN can issue credits for the following issues:
  • Installation Delay – One-time credit for Installation Charge
    • If your installation is delayed 3 or more business days past the Preferred Installation Date you selected when placing your order, EIN can provide a credit equal to your initial installation charge.
  • Service Outage – if your service is out due to a technical issue, a prorated one-time credit amount based on the number of 24 hour periods the customer was without service, up to $20 off. This amount is based on your monthly service rate and is calculated from the first time you notify EIN of your outage. Click Here to Notify EIN of Outage or Service Issue.
  • Billing Error – $10 one-time credit
    • In the event that our Billing System experiences an error and your account is billed incorrectly, a one-time $10 credit can be applied to your account. Any erroneous charges will be immediately refunded.
  • Speed Issue – One-time $10 credit
    • If your service experiences speed at least 20% lower than your expected up-to-speed for 48 hours or longer, EIN can provide a one-time credit of $10. Credit consideration begins at the time you alert EIN to the issue. Click Here to Run Speed Test.


EIN is a pay-in-advance service, and there are very limited opportunities for us to provide a refund. Approved refunds will be returned to the card that was originally used in the erroneous charge. Funds will return to your card or bank account in 2-5 business days, depending on your financial institution. If payment was made by cash (PayNearMe), check, or money order, the refund will be processed as a physical check and mailed to the primary service address on file.
EIN can issue a refund for the following:
  • Erroneous billing charge, or duplicate billing.
  • Cancellation of service prior to installation.

Request Credit or Refund

You can request a credit or refund by contacting us using the form below.