How do I set up Autopay?

Setting up Autopay is easy! If you’re placing an order for new service, just make sure you leave the checkbox selected for ‘Save Card for Autopay’ when submitting your order.
If you already have service and want to set up autopay, there is an option to save your card for autopay when you click the ‘Pay Online’ link in your invoice emails. That will save the card you are using that day for autopay moving forward.

How does Autopay work?

Each month when your new invoice is generated by our system, your payment will be automatically taken from a card on file on the day the invoice is created. Depending on your billing cycle, this may be prior to your actual due date.

How do I stop Autopay?

Use the form below to contact us to stop Autopay on your account. Keep in mind, if you stop Autopay you will need to make your payment on each monthly invoice prior to the due date to avoid service interruption.