Cyber Monday Buying Guide

It’s Cyber Monday! Time to break out those wallets and throw caution to the wind. It’s the day where we all learn about a product, decide we absolutely must have it and then buy it because it’s “such a great deal!”

We’re not going to compile a list, because everyone else already has. We’re just going to point you to some good ideas. So, here you go!

Couldn’t find anything to buy? Good job – you did better than us.


Want To Track Tech Deals?

Want To Track Tech Deals?

If you’re building your collection of cool devices, or if you have some specific tech you’re looking to purchase, it’s important to get the best prices. Different sites are often running their own promotions, and sometimes major manufacturers themselves will offer limited time deals.

Keeping up with all of these sales might seem tricky, but there are actually a number of sites you can use to keep track of current tech deals. Here are just a few you can bookmark and head back to every day!

Tom’s Guide Best Tech Deals

The Tom’s Guide website features many different pages with how tos and product suggestions. Their Best Tech Deals page (currently titled “Best Tech Deals of 2018”) is updated every day with a collection of great deals. They mention some of the overall best deals, then show deals based on different categories, like laptops and smart watches. Since it’s updated so regularly, you can be sure you’re not wasting your time looking over deals that have already expired.

PC Mag Best Deals Today

PC Mag is a hugely popular site that features news, how tos, and perhaps most importantly, detailed product reviews. They’re well-respected when it comes to their reviews. Their Best Deals Today page is, of course, updated daily. There are several categories, including laptops and gaming. The page is arranged in a slightly overwhelming way, with quite a lot of information, but the information is all useful and relevant, making it easier to spot which deals are the right fit for you.

CNET Deals & Promotions

CNET is another very popular site that’s well-known for its product reviews. They’re also popular for their news articles. On their Deals & Promotions page, they might offer over a thousand different suggestions for current deals. You can click the check boxes on the side of the page to narrow down what you’re looking for, including things like tablets and televisions.

Amazon Deals in Electronics

Amazon’s Deals page is not quite the same as the others. Instead of linking to various different outlets (like Walmart, Newegg, etc.), you’ll obviously only see deals for products you can purchase on Amazon. This means it’s not really an aggregator like the other sites and you might miss some good deals that aren’t available on Amazon. However, if you prefer to purchase using Amazon Prime, or if you want to find more than you might spot on the other sites, Amazon’s Deals in Electronics can offer some good buys. You can see currently available deals, and you can even see which deals are coming soon. And they show deals on Amazon devices (like the Echo Dot), so it’s a good place to check if you’re in the market for a new smart speaker or tablet.


Editors Note

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Super Mario Odyssey Is a Hit

Super Mario Odyssey Is a Hit

The newest Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, is the fastest selling Mario game ever released in the United States, according to Polygon. Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo’s newest offering in the Mario world. It features new worlds, new moves, a multiplayer mode, fun screenshot capabilities, and, of course, the exciting and fun platforming you expect from Mario games. The new game also works with amiibos. Amiibos are small accessories, like figures and cards, that work with certain games to unlock special content with just a tap. Odyssey incorporates these newer features while still fitting into the popular Super Mario universe.

Super Mario Odyssey has already sold millions of copies and is getting rave reviews across the internet. IGN, the hugely popular gaming website, gave Super Mario Odyssey a 10 out of 10, and the reviewer said they “literally applauded as the end credits rolled.” Meanwhile, the ratings aggregator Metascore shows the game as having an excellent 97 out of 100. Their aggregated user score gives the game a 9 out of 10.

These ratings and the new sales record for Mario shows that Nintendo has really scored big with their newest release. Super Mario Odyssey is only for their newer platform, the Nintendo Switch, which can only make the Switch seem more appealing to those who haven’t purchased one yet. The Nintendo Switch launched back in March, and it was notoriously difficult to find at the time.

Now that Super Mario Odyssey is such a success, some news sources are suggesting the Switch might be hard to find once again, especially considering the upcoming holiday season. Super Mario Odyssey’s well-received release near the end of the year might be perfectly well-timed to make the Switch go out of stock at a lot of stores. This is particularly likely if people decide to buy the device specifically to play the new Mario game, which seems likely.

If you already own a Nintendo Switch, you should strongly consider purchasing Super Mario Odyssey and finding out about it yourself. If you don’t own a Switch yet, all signs point to sales skyrocketing, so you might think about whether you want to buy yours while you can. If Odyssey‘s reviews and sales numbers are anything to go by, it’ll be well worth it.