Which streaming services are the best?

Which streaming services are the best?

For many Americans, the art of enjoyment and entertainment is best found online. Whereas in the past we were limited to what was on TV, the on-demand era is now well and truly upon us. This is one of the most important parts of modern internet usage, offering us total freedom over what we watch, view and read – and when. However, with so many different streaming services to pick from, you might be unsure of where to even start.

If you feel like this is the case, then we have some solutions for you to consider. Take, for example, the below streaming services. These are seen as some of the best on the internet and should really ramp up your entertainment options.


We’re sure just about everyone in the country has at least heard of Netflix. The popular streaming system is the go-to starting point for many people looking to find top quality entertainment. It’s got hundreds of shows and many Netflix exclusives. From finding awesome cartoons for the kids to a horror flick to watch on Halloween, this is a streaming service that you can love using.

However, you should be aware that Netflix loves to eat up your bandwidth. Like any good streaming service, you should be using high-speed internet to help make sure you can enjoy a good quality watching session. Also, keep an eye on problems with your bandwidth – if you start to notice needless buffering, you might be getting throttled by your internet provider. If that happens, you might want to consider enjoying Netflix on a new form of internet provider for the best results.

Amazon Prime

While most of us will use Amazon for shopping, some of us use it for streaming – especially movies. It’s quite a lot like Netflix, with some of the most popular and well-watched shoes on the internet appearing on it. Amazon Prime is growing all the time and shows no signs of slowing down. New content is added all the time, bringing in even more opportunity to enjoy the wider experience. You might soon find that Amazon Prime has a larger catalog to pick from than Netflix.

Given who backs up this amazing streaming service, it’s size and scale should be of surprise to nobody. It’s growing all the time at an incredible rate and shows no signs of slowing down. With so much to view and so much to enjoy, Amazon Prime Instant Video is probably one of the most upwardly mobile streaming services that you can access right now.


For a large chunk of Americans, sport dominates much of their social lives. Being able to cheer on your beloved teams at the sport of your choice is always a hugely enjoyable pursuit. However, for many of us, choosing the right way to watch them can be tough. One of the best streaming sites for sports fans at the moment is to use ESPN+, where you can get a huge amount of content to pick from.

There is a growing amount of live and replayable matches that you can watch from just about any kind of sport that you love. Most of us have a team in one of the big US sports, and you should be able to catch them on ESPN without a huge deal of issue. This is a site with a huge amount of content, and it looks set to become even bigger as American sports fans continue to be open-minded about new sports to watch.


FUBO TV is getting a lot of positivity from sports fans who love their sports from other continents. If you are a soccer fan, for example, you’ll love to have FUBO TV – it’s much more diverse than the ESPN+ offering. They cover major leagues in soccer like Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga. They also cover a lot of other sports, like the MotoGP and also various other college sports. This is why, for sports fans, FUBO TV is the best alternative to using ESPN+.

Though both are very much well-respected options, many fans are turning to FUBO TV as it has a touch more variety. With the easy control of the packaged add-ons, too, you can pick and choose what you went, when you want it, making it super-simple to get affordable, on-demand sports TV.

Sling TV

Though very much the outsider in many ways, Sling TV is hugely popular with a lot of users. It’s an ambitious project that has grown very quickly in terms of its size and scale in the last few years. With very cheap live TV packages, they allow you to get a lot of variety in what you watch. The fact that it comes with so much opportunity to change contracts, and it has no long-term commitment, makes this a common choice for those who don’t wish to be weighed down with contracts and other such headaches.

Streaming services such as Sling TV are growing all the time. Like most other streaming services like this, too, it does offer a decent trial experience that you can give a shot. With the affordable nature of its live TV offerings, though, those who still like to watch TV on a schedule will love Sling TV for sure.

Getting the most out of each streaming service

Of course, you should always look to make sure that your streaming service is backed up with high-speed internet. Through companies like Easy Internet Now, you can dodge the bandwidth throttling, buffering-causing internet issues that so many Americans face. This is the perfect way for you to get online and to enjoy modern entertainment without feeling trapped or constrained.

With the fact they reduce the need for things like credit checks and contracts, too, EIN is a fine place to start for those who like to stream. High-speed internet is very important for everything from watching your favorite shows to streaming your most beloved games. Quality counts, so don’t accept second best!

Mobile Previews Added to Netflix App

Mobile Previews Added to Netflix App

Netflix is now giving their app users a chance to preview shows before watching.

The Netflix app now has what they’re calling mobile previews, Fortune reports. These mobile previews will seem like a familiar feature if you use an app that has Stories (like Snapchat). The previews appear at the top of the app and can be clicked through one after another. You can even go straight to the content from a preview if you see something you like.

According to Fortune, most of the previews are around 30 seconds long. You also don’t have to turn your screen to watch them because they’re vertical videos instead of horizontal.

If you watch on your gaming console or laptop, you’ve likely already seen their auto-playing trailers. These trailers promote content, sometimes showing previews of shows you may not have seen, other times showing a preview of the content you currently have selected. They have also been quite an annoyance for many people. There have been consistent complaints about how the auto-playing videos can’t be disabled, meaning if you stay on one screen for too long while browsing for what to watch, you have to either click away, open content and pause it, mute your TV, or find some other creative way to stop the videos from playing.

Fortunately, the previews now added to the Netflix app are something quite different. They don’t auto-play, which is surely a relief to Netflix app users who don’t want to have previews blasting through their headphones as soon as the app opens. And they appear to be a genuinely useful way to find out about more content you might actually like, particularly since you can tap a preview that’s playing to skip it and move on to something more relevant.

Mobile previews are already available on iOS devices, says Fortune, and Android users can expect the feature to arrive “soon.”

Clear Your Schedule for Upcoming Streaming Shows

Clear Your Schedule for Upcoming Streaming Shows

With Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu releasing so much original content, it might be a little hard to keep up. New shows and new seasons are coming out on a regular basis, ready to stream. Here’s a look at the original shows coming in the next couple months to Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu!

3/7: Hulu Hard Sun—Set in a pre-apocalyptic world, a pair of detectives must work together despite not seeing eye to eye. Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn star in this Hulu Original. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

3/8: Netflix Marvel’s Jessica Jones (new season)—Jessica Jones, private investigator and former superhero, is back for season 2 in the Netflix Original set in the Marvel universe. Watch the trailers on Netflix.

3/9: Netflix Love (new season)—This comedy starring Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust (and co-created by Judd Apatow) is coming back for a final season with season 3. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

3/9: Amazon Sneaky Pete (new season)—Sneaky Pete’s first season starred Giovanni Ribisi as a con man and Bryan Cranston as the gangster he’s on the run from. Season two sees Ribisi’s character dealing with new problems. Watch the trailer on Amazon.

3/16: Netflix On My Block—This Netflix Original comedy is set in inner-city LA as four teens start high school together. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

3/23: Netflix Alexa & Katie—Alexa & Katie follows Alexa as she deals with cancer and starts high school with her best friend. (A trailer isn’t yet available.)

3/30: Amazon The Dangerous Book for Boys—This Amazon Original is based on the popular guidebook for boys. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

3/30: Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events (new season)—This Netflix Original based on the Lemony Snicket books and starring Neil Patrick Harris is back for a second season. Watch the teaser on YouTube.

4/13: Amazon Bosch (new season)—Bosch is returning for a fourth season on Amazon. Bosch features Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch, a detective with the LAPD. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

4/25: Hulu The Handmaid’s Tale—This dystopian show, based on the book by Margaret Atwood, is returning for a second season with Elizabeth Moss starring once again. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Virtual Reality in 2018

Virtual Reality in 2018

Over the past several years, it’s unlikely that you’ve missed all the buzz over virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality (VR) headsets became highly sought after and hugely popular. Over time, some headsets became affordable for more people, while more VR content was released.

In recent months, a lot of the fuss over VR has died down. It seems as though people simply aren’t talking about it as much as they once were. It feels a bit like the novelty has worn off for some.

But even if VR isn’t hyped as often as it was not too long ago, it’s still making advancements, and it has a lot to offer. Less than a week ago, Qualcomm announced their newest VR headset. And near the end of last year, Oculus Go was announced, a different kind of headset that could be coming very soon.

Since we’re still early in the new year, now is a good time to take a look at what you can find in the world of VR in 2018. Read on for some basics, some tech options, and plenty of fun suggestions!

What is VR?

When I talk about VR in this article, I’m talking about the current VR technology accessed through the use of a VR headset. While wearing a headset, wearers are given the impression they are in another world. Users can turn around and see content in every direction, including above and below them.

Some people find the difference between VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) a little confusing. With virtual reality, you’re immersed in a completely separate world. You interact with content that is not connected to your own real-world visuals.

With augmented reality, on the other hand, objects are placed in your actual surroundings. You can look at something that is actually right in front of you, and augmented reality will work within those visuals to add content into what you’re really seeing. (Pokemon Go is an example of AR—when you used your camera to capture what you were really seeing while catching Pokemon, you were using AR.)

Since virtual reality doesn’t include visuals from your real surroundings, it offers something much more clearly separated from your real life.

VR headsets

VR headsets let wearers enter a different world. After placing a device in the headset (or plugging a tethered headset into a computer or gaming console), the headset is worn to fill a person’s vision with whatever content they choose.

Many headsets were very expensive when VR was first popular. They were sometimes fairly basic, as well. Over time, more headsets came out that were inexpensive, and other headsets added more features.

Keep in mind that if you buy a cheaper headset, you’re likely not getting as nice of features as you might with a pricier option. Cheaper options also might not be as comfortable or durable.

Here are just a few of the headsets you can consider when deciding whether to enjoy VR.

Budget headsets:

Popular (pricier) headsets:

What can VR be used for?

VR isn’t just for playing games (though VR gaming is great)! VR can be fun in a lot of different ways. Here are some ways to use VR, including for education and entertainment (and yes, that includes gaming).

With VR, there are opportunities for learning. There are plenty of apps that offer educational experiences. Depending on which device you’re using, you might be able to learn a wide variety of things!

Practice public speakingVirtualSpeech lets you work on your communication skills in private. You can learn how to become a better communicator, plus you can practice by being placed in different surroundings. For instance, you can give a presentation standing on a stage in front of a virtual crowd.

Look through the human brain or look around StonehengeUnimersiv offers many different educational apps, including more than just a tour of the brain or Stonehenge. You can also do things like check out ancient Rome and the International Space Station.

Learn a new language—With an app like House of Languages, you can learn another language in a different way. You can learn English, German, or Spanish while actually looking at the objects that correspond to the words you’re learning and playing minigames.

Go inside the human bodyThe Body VR is one app that lets you learn about what goes on in the human body. You can learn about things like blood cells and viruses.

Make your way through the solar systemTitans of Space is just one app that teaches about the solar system. You can move through space, checking out planets and certain stars, all while learning facts about what you’re seeing.

Surround yourself with Discovery content—You can view VR content from Discovery, which lets you see places all across the world, check out different cultures, and experience special events.

There’s more entertainment to be found than just VR games. There are a lot of fun things to do in VR!

Watch 360-degree videos—If you access YouTube through your VR headset, you can search for tons of 360-degree videos. You can find videos that let you experience what it’s like to swim with dolphins, jump out of a plane, or follow along with a fictional story.

Binge Netflix in a quiet, stylish homeNetflix’s VR app lets you appear to watch your shows and movies on a huge screen. You’re set in a comfortable-looking home with the large TV in front of you.

Watch a movie on the big screen—Many devices offer their own apps for movie-watching. With some devices, you can use Virtual Desktop to use your own computer in VR. This means you can watch all your movies from your computer.

Surf the web—Whichever device you’re using, you can likely access a web browser. This means you can fill your vision with a browser and check out all of your usual sites. For instance, Samsung Internet is available on some devices.

Play around on Facebook—With Facebook 360, you can check out tons of VR content on Facebook.

Virtual tourism
VR has made it possible for people to travel places they might never have been able to go otherwise. With VR, people who have limited mobility or who just can’t afford to take a trip can get a sense of what some locations look like in person. Depending on which device you have, you might have different options for your virtual tourism needs. Search for VR experiences that offer high-quality video tours or look for apps that make use of Google’s Street View.

Visit some amazing placesJaunt VR offers VR videos of some specific locations. These videos are often documentary-style, and you’re given a chance to learn and walk through some interesting places.

Go anywhere you want and walk the streets—Some apps, like Viso Places, give you a chance to go basically anywhere and look around. Viso Places uses Google Street View, so you can search for a location and magically transport yourself there. You can even use this app to go inside some museums.

(Check out my article with the 7 places you should check out as a virtual tourist!)

Though gaming isn’t all VR is good for, it is just a lot of fun in virtual reality. Here are just a few of the well-received or newer games you might try!

Chronos—An RPG that takes users on a hero’s quest to fight evil. ($39.99)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR—Players can enjoy Skyrim’s huge world in virtual reality. ($41.99 to $59.99)
Fallout 4 VR—The hugely popular Fallout 4 is available in virtual reality, so you can explore the post-apocalyptic world like you’re really there. ($59.99)
Job Simulator—A popular, lighthearted game that has players “job” like humans used to do before robots took over for them. ($19.99)
KIN—A puzzle platformer set on another planet. ($9.99)
Minecraft—Everyone’s favorite sandbox game, but in virtual reality. (Free to $6.99)
The Playroom VR—This game is free for PS VR users, and it’s a fun, bright collection of multiplayer games. (Free)
Rez Infinite—A VR version of this popular game that lets users experience the fast-moving and visually appealing action game in a new way. ($24.99)
Smash Hit—Smash objects as you move through a different dimension. ($2.99)
Vacation Simulator—An upcoming game from the people who created Job Simulator!

‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Coming to Hulu

‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Coming to Hulu

In what I’d call a completely unexpected move, it’s been announced that the hit cartoon ‘Animaniacs’ will return to its viewers thanks to a partnership between Hulu, Amblin Television, and Warner Bros. Animation!

‘Animaniacs,’ in case you’ve forgotten or somehow missed out, was a hugely popular cartoon that aired in the 90s on Fox Kids and then later on The WB. The show featured a collection of shorts each episode, and some of the characters included the popular trio of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, as well as the scheming characters Pinky and the Brain.

This reboot will be available to watch through Hulu. Steven Spielberg will once again be the executive producer for the show, according to Variety, and there will be at least two seasons of the show starting in 2020. TechCrunch also reports that all of the previous episodes of ‘Animaniacs,’ as well as other related shows, are now available on Hulu. There are 99 episodes just of ‘Animaniacs,’ which means if it’s been a while since you watched—like, since the 90s—you’ll have time over the next couple of years to refresh your memory.

This is just the newest in a long line of cartoon reboots. There are, of course, some cartoons that just keep coming back in new cartoon series. ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ is a good example of this. It feels as though it’s never left television because there have been so many new series.

Other cartoons, though, have somewhat recently been brought back for the first time in a long while, and even more are coming. ‘DuckTales,’ for instance, was brought back on Disney XD just last year. Before that,The Powerpuff Girls’ returned to television. Plus, according to Nerdist, She-Ra’ is going to be rebooted sometime this year, with the show being released on Netflix.

The announcement about ‘Animaniacs’ is only surprising in that I simply hadn’t considered it as a possibility. However, it could be a fun show to reboot. With all the cartoon reboots in the works or already airing, it does make me wonder what might be next. Personally, I’d like to suggest that ‘Darkwing Duck’ actually come back (in spite of the fact that previous rumors about its reboot have been shot down). Or another popular cartoon from the 90s, ‘CatDog,’ could be interesting to revisit. Hey, just a thought.

‘Animaniacs’ will be returning in a couple years—2020—so for now, head over to Hulu and rewatch ‘Animaniacs,’ as well as ‘Pinky & the Brain,’ ‘Pinky, Elmyra, & the Brain,’ and ‘Tiny Toon Adventures.’

(Featured image: Warner Bros)

Netflix Offering ‘Stranger Things 2’ Aftershow

Netflix Offering ‘Stranger Things 2’ Aftershow

Netflix is joining the post-show content arena with its new aftershow for Stranger Things 2, the just-released and highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things. The aftershow is called Beyond Stranger Things and is already up on Netflix, available the same day that the popular show’s new season went up for binge-watching. The aftershow episodes feature cast members talking about the show and developments in its corresponding episode. The episodes are hosted by Jim Rash, perhaps best known for his hilarious run as Community’s Dean Pelton. There is an aftershow episode for each episode of the new season, of course, and the length of the episodes varies, from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 25 minutes.

The choice to release its own aftershow on its platform is an interesting one since Netflix posts all of the episodes in a season at once. People typically tend to binge-watch their shows on Netflix, especially when it’s a show like Stranger Things that is hugely popular and very likely to be spoiled online if you’re not caught up quickly. How viewers will actually use this aftershow is yet to be seen. Some viewers might want to save the aftershow episodes for after they’ve completed the new season of Stranger Things so they can catch up quickly. Netflix is suggesting viewers do this so that they can avoid spoilers, which is an interesting way to set up an aftershow. Others might have more time and want to stop to watch each aftershow between each regular episode, warning or not. I do wonder how many Netflix users will actually do this, especially considering the potential spoilers. When I am watching a new episode of a show on regular television, I enjoy watching aftershows right away because it gives me something to think about and enjoy while I wait for the next episode. When I’m binge-watching a show, I don’t necessarily need this buffer. If Beyond Stranger Things is meant to be watched after seeing all of the regular episodes, it makes this aftershow very different from most. Also, it’s important to note that Beyond Stranger Things is different from many others because it doesn’t allow for any real-time interaction; many aftershows either take questions or at least let viewers respond in some way during the airing. But since Beyond Stranger Things is already recorded, this is taken out of the equation.

Whichever way viewers end up actually watching Beyond Stranger Things, releasing its own aftershow for Stranger Things on the Netflix website seems like a very smart move. The show is an absolute hit, and many fans will definitely love to hear the cast, creators, and others discuss the show. The post-show content might not end up serving the exact same purpose as it does for other shows, but it will give viewers the chance to go in-depth on the new season’s episodes and see the cast interact with each other while giving the feeling of going behind the scenes. If Beyond Stranger Things is the success Netflix is surely expecting it to be, we can hope that Netflix will come out with aftershows for more of its popular originals. Check out Beyond Stranger Things on Netflix now!

(Featured image: The Hollywood Reporter)

Stranger Things Video Game Released

Stranger Things Video Game Released

Stranger Things is coming back on October 27th, and as if people weren’t amped up enough, Netflix has released “Stranger Things: The Game.” Stranger Things is a Netflix original show with sci-fi and horror elements, as well as strong pop culture nostalgia. The show is set in 1980s Indiana and centers on strange occurrences during the search for a missing boy. The show became a huge hit, forming an enormous fanbase and receiving critical praise, including quite a few Emmy nominations. The second season is coming soon, and it’s been confirmed there will be a third season, the announcement coming before season two is even released. Stranger Things is certainly popular, so it only makes sense to play off of the show’s strong nostalgia and release a video game.

The game was just released this week, and it’s free to play on mobile devices. The game is available through the App Store from Apple and through Google Play for Android. It’s from Netflix and BonusXP, Inc., and it’s a retro game for teens and adults who are fans of the show. The action adventure game lets you explore the Indiana town the show is set in, visiting familiar areas and places you may not have seen before. The game also features puzzles, and it incorporates characteristics and abilities from the characters seen in the show. The 16-bit graphics and old-school music and sounds will make anyone who’s played 80s video games, either in the 80s or maybe more recently in an arcade, feel like it’s a blast from the past. The trailer for the game features fighting, a car chase, and creepy creatures. “Stranger Things: The Game” has two different difficult levels—Normal and Classic—and an important aspect of the game is collecting different items, including Eggos. Collecting items could unlock special content, and there’s even the possibility that players could unlock special content from the upcoming second season.

The game has excited a lot of people and is already receiving good reviews; it’s rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Play and 4.8 out of 5 in the App Store. If you want to see what all the fuss is about and join the fun before the second season premieres, check out “Stranger Things: The Game” in Google Play or the App Store.

(Featured image: Google Play)

Netflix Raising Prices

Netflix Raising Prices

Netflix, the streaming service we all know and love, is raising its prices once again. This comes at a time when Netflix has lots of eagerly anticipated shows coming out soon. Netflix’s streaming service offers plans for SD content, HD content on two devices, or HD and UHD content on four devices (the plans also allow downloadable content on one, two, or four devices, respectively). The Basic plan, which includes standard definition content available on one device and downloadable content on one device, is staying the same price, not moving from its $7.99 monthly fee. The other two plans, however, are seeing a price jump, particularly the plan that was already the most expansive and expensive.

Netflix’s Standard plan includes HD content and downloadable content on two devices. It was previously $9.99 and is now being raised a dollar, up to $10.99 a month. But their Premium plan is being raised even more. The Premium plan features HD and UHD content on four devices, as well as downloadable content on four devices. This plan is going from $11.99 to $13.99 a month, jumping two dollars. This price change will begin next month, and it will affect new and returning users alike.

In the past, this kind of price hike might have drawn discussion about whether it would drive Netflix customers away, but at this point, this seems unlikely. Considering how much of a powerhouse Netflix has become, it might actually make sense for it to cost a little bit more, and many people who stream their shows and movies rely heavily on Netflix. Netflix has gotten better and better over the years, particularly when it comes to its original content. Netflix originals are often widely acclaimed and enjoyed, with offerings like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Daredevil. And with huge new originals like Marvel’s The Punisher and the second season of Stranger Things coming out soon, there’s even more reason to stick around after the price goes up a bit.

If you have a Standard or Premium plan, keep an eye out for Netflix’s upcoming notification of their price change. And while you’re at it, keep an eye on Netflix’s upcoming original content.

What to Watch While You Wait for ‘Thrones’

What to Watch While You Wait for ‘Thrones’

(Image source: http://all-free-download.com)

I don’t know about you, but now that Game of Thrones’ seventh season has ended, I feel lost. ‘Thrones’ gave me something to get excited for every Sunday, and now, some reports are suggesting that it may not return until sometime in 2019. If that’s the case, that’s at least 16 months without a ‘Thrones’ fix. The good news is that there are some other killer shows we can all binge—yes, there are other amazing shows—and it’s likely all these offerings will have new seasons to watch each week while we wait. Below are some of our best options to keep us happy during the break.


Where to watch: History Channel, Amazon Prime
What it’s about: This show tells the stories of some of the most celebrated Vikings in history. Season one primarily features Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer who is skilled in battle and who wishes to travel west despite the fears that there is no west to find. Vikings is not, however, a one-man show. The story of Vikings is filled with intriguing characters, like Ragnar’s equally skilled wife, Lagertha, and Ragnar’s brother, Rollo. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the stellar battle scenes, intense power struggles, and beautiful cinematography.
Find out more: history.com

House of Cards

Where to watch: Netflix
What it’s about: House of Cards centers on Frank and Claire Underwood, two power-hungry individuals who have devoted their lives to rising in the political ranks. Season one focuses on Frank’s attempts to move up from his position as the House Majority Whip. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the show’s political intrigue, flawed characters, and shocking (and dark) twists.
Find out more: netflix.com

Mr. Robot

Where to watch: USA, Amazon Prime
What it’s about: Elliot, a drug addicted genius, is pulled into a hacktivist group called ‘fsociety’ after meeting a man referred to as Mr. Robot. Fsociety hopes to destroy the status quo and take down corporate bankers through an elaborate hacking scheme. Viewers follow along with Elliot’s internal monologue and eventually find themselves wondering, like Elliot, who they can trust. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the suspenseful plot, strong character development, and clever dialogue.
Find out more: usanetwork.com


Where to watch: HBO, Amazon (available for purchase)
What it’s about: This show, based on Michael Crichton’s film of the same name, tells the sci-fi story of a robot-run amusement park in a place called Westworld. In Westworld, visitors can do as they please. However, when things start to go wrong, it looks like some guests may have a better time than others. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the well-crafted plot, gorgeous visuals, and well-cast characters.
Find out more: hbo.com

American Gods

Where to watch: Starz, Amazon (available for purchase)
What it’s about: American Gods, based on Neil Gaiman’s book, follows Shadow Moon as he is released from prison and meets the strange Mr. Wednesday. From this point on, Shadow is brought into a battle he could never have imagined, finding himself in the middle of a fight between the Old Gods and the New. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the dark visuals, growing conflict, and intriguing group of characters.
Find out more: starz.com

The Magicians

Where to watch: SyFy, Netflix
What it’s about: The Magicians, based on the novel by Lev Grossman, follows Quentin Coldwater as he discovers a world of magic and gets a chance to go to Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. Though Quentin is accepted to the university, his friend Julia is not, setting both Quentin and Julia on dangerous paths as they learn more about the magical world. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the striking special effects, exciting sense of danger, and intriguing storylines.
Find out more: syfy.com

The Man in the High Castle

Where to watch: Amazon Prime
What it’s about: This show is set in an alternative history where World War II ended very differently from what we know. The United States has now become the separate areas of the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States. However, propaganda materials are discovered that suggest there was another timeline where the War did not end with the Allied Forces being defeated. The story’s main character, Juliana, quickly finds herself working to protect this information while still trying to keep out of serious danger. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the dark visuals, flawed and fleshed-out characters, and heart-racing suspense.
Find out more: amazon.com


Where to watch: Starz, Amazon (available for purchase)
What it’s about: Outlander centers on Claire Randall, who, in 1945, is somehow sent back in time to 18th century Scotland. She meets Jamie Fraser, a Highland warrior, and becomes involved with the people of the time and the war they’re fighting. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the intriguing storylines, eye-catching visuals, and fantasy romance.
Find out more: starz.com

Orphan Black

Where to watch: BBC America, Amazon Prime
What it’s about: This show centers on Sarah Manning, a woman who discovers she is one of many clones. She adopts the role of one of her clones after witnessing her death. The discovery of her fellow clones puts Sarah in danger, though, as information about where they came from begins to come to light. ‘Thrones’ fans will enjoy the twisting plot, dark subject matter, and engaging characters.
Find out more: bbcamerica.com

Subscription Streaming Services: Plenty to Choose From

Subscription Streaming Services: Plenty to Choose From

For a long while, subscription streaming was simple. You might have heard someone talking about Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime—and you still will, since these three services are still at the top of their game. Now, though, there are far more offerings to think about adding to your list of subscriptions. Recently, Disney announced they would be removing their content from Netflix and creating their own streaming service in 2019. And YouTube is entering the arena with their own service. With so many services to keep track of, it can be difficult to decide which one (or ones) will be best for you. Here’s a list of just some of your subscription streaming options. (Since we all know and love Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, I’ll skip them for this list.)

  • Sling TV

    What it offers: Live TV packages with channels like ESPN, AMC, and History. Subscribers can choose from monthly packages with 25+ channels, 40 channels, or all channels. Sling also offers add-ons, like sports or news packages.
    What it costs: $20-$40 for basic packages; prices vary for add-ons
    Where to go: http://www.sling.com

  • DirecTV Now

    What it offers: Monthly packages with live streaming and on demand content from over 60 channels, like Disney, CNN, and TNT. DirecTV Now also gives subscribers the option to add premium channels HBO, Cinemax, and Starz on top of their subscription package.
    What it costs: $35-$70 for basic packages; $5-$8 each for premium add-ons
    Where to go: https://www.directvnow.com/

  • HBO Now

    What it offers: Access to HBO content without a cable TV subscription. Subscribers can use their monthly subscription to watch commercial-free content like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and a selection of movies.
    What it costs: $14.99
    Where to go: https://order.hbonow.com/

  • CBS All Access

    What it offers: Monthly or yearly subscriptions with live streaming and access to content on demand; CBS All Access offers plans with limited or no commercials. Subscribers can watch shows from CBS, and they can also watch programs exclusive to CBS All Access, like the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery.
    What it costs: $5.99-$9.99 monthly; $59.99-$99.99 yearly
    Where to go: http://www.cbs.com/all-access

  • Acorn TV

    What it offers: A monthly subscription with commercial-free streaming of shows “from Britain and beyond,” their website states. Their offerings include programs viewers may already know and love, as well as shows exclusive to Acorn TV.
    What it costs: $4.99
    Where to go: https://signup.acorn.tv/

  • YouTube TV

    What it offers: Access to TV channels with a monthly subscription. YouTube TV allows subscribers to have 6 accounts per household, letting families or roommates share. It also has DVR that uploads your recordings to the cloud and offers unlimited storage space. Right now, YouTube TV is only available in some specific markets, but it will be rolling out to everyone soon.
    What it costs: $35 for a basic subscription; $11-$15 each for add-ons
    Where to go: https://tv.youtube.com/