What speeds do you offer?

EIN has multiple plans available with different bandwidth’s (“speed”), the availability of these plans depends on your location. To see which plans are available at your location visit our Address Checker and enter your service address information. We ONLY service locations that have enough bandwidth to handle a modern Internet experience, which to us means streaming HD video, listening to music, playing games online, and doing these things on multiple devices! That’s why our plans are designed to help you select the one best suited to the number of devices you anticipate using simultaneously. For example; if you have three smart TV’s and two tablets, and all five devices are trying to stream HD video at the same time, you would greatly benefit from higher bandwidth like that provided by our Premium Plan. Our Express Plan works great for streaming HD video as well, but you’re more likely to experience buffering if you have more than 1-2 users streaming at the same time. It’s all about how YOU want to use your connection and making sure you have a great experience!

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