How do I get installed?

Start out by checking for service, and if your address is serviceable you select the plan that best fits your needs. After selecting a plan you will be taken to the checkout page where you can selected your PREFERRED install date and time. We then inform a local contractor in your area (such as AT&T or another national carrier) and confirm their availability for your selected date and time. We secure your preferred date and time over 95% of the time, however, we are reliant on technician availability and scheduling. That means that occasionally your selected date and time may not be available. You will receive a text message and email with your updated installation information. You will then need to confirm that someone 18 years of age or older will be available to meet and stay with the technician for the duration of the installation. Missing a confirmed Installation Appointment may result in a $125 non-refundable No Access Charge (only if you have confirmed via text message or email that you or someone 18 or older will be available to meet the technician). You can reschedule an installation anytime by texting (405) 445-3685.

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