What happens if my payment is late?

Your bill is due on the anniversary date of your installation. If you were installed on the 4th of the month then your bill will be due on the 4th of every following month for the duration of your service. Our plan prices are inclusive, meaning all fees and taxes are included and your monthly rate will be the exact amount labeled on your plan. You can make a payment with our Quick Pay system if you are not on automatic payments. Pay Your Bill Here! If your payment is not received 3 days after your due date you will be assessed a $10 continuation fee. If you payment is not received by day 5 after you due date your service will be DISCONNECTED. When your service is disconnected you must set up service again as a new order, pay a new Activation Charge ($44) and wait for a technician to be dispatched to your location to set up your service again. You will also be required to pay your new “first month of service” to begin service again. All bill notifications come via the email address on file for your account. EIN does not provide paper bills. If you are going to be late or have any questions about your bill please text us at (405) 445-3685.

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