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Hassle-Free Internet, No Credit Check Required

Hassle-Free Internet, No Credit Check Required

Have you been denied service based on your credit? Worry no more.

Now more than ever, EIN understands sometimes life throws us curveballs. No matter those curveballs, though, the internet remains a necessity in today’s world. We use it for work, for school and for pleasure. While many other companies require a credit check in order to start broadband services, EIN trusts you’ll come through. 

Our no-nonsense plans have zero hidden fees, and never require a credit check. We want everyone to have equal access to high-speed internet, no matter your circumstances. 

Starting at only $68/month

✔️ No Contract

✔️ No Credit Check

✔️ No Hidden Fees

✔️ Free Modem

When you choose EIN, you’ll have access to fast, interruption-free internet for a flat-rate. 

We love surprises as much as the next person, but they don’t belong in bills!


Can I change my plan without penalty?

Yes, of course! You are able to change your plan at any time with no penalty! 

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, we require no down-payment or deposit.

Will I have to buy a WiFi modem?

Never! Every EIN customer is provided with a free WiFi modem!

Are there any affordable options?

All of them! We offer four flat-rate plans ranging from $68-$98/month.

If you’re sick of overpriced internet, it’s time to switch to EIN!

Explore our affordable plans here or call and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives today!

Why should you choose EIN?

  • Lightening-Fast Speed
  • Free Modem
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Credit Check
  • No Contract
  • No Hidden Surprises

Fiber vs. Cable: Is Fiber Really Faster?

Fiber vs. Cable: Is Fiber Really Faster?

You can’t cut cable, but you can cut the copper cord

Fiber internet is gaining popularity, and you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. Unlike traditional cable, which relies on copper wires, fiber uses light waves to transmit and receive signals. Translation: the speed of light waves far exceeds that of copper wire. 

We’ve researched both options, and identified five impressive reasons fiber internet stands out. Keep reading to find out:


5 Advantages to Fiber Internet:


With speeds almost as fast as light, fiber internet is unmatched on this front. If you have a large team, use several devices simultaneously, or regularly download files, you’ve met your match. Fiber internet can download a two hour movie in under a minute! For reference, fiber is up to 20x faster than traditional cable internet! 


Fiber internet offers enhanced security not just because it’s incredibly fast, but also more difficult to hack. Pro tip: hackers beware, fiber cables don’t use electric signals- making it impossible to tap. 


Wonder who would win the battle of the broadbands? Fiber! Fiber is stronger than copper, and you can expect far less interruptions. Thanks to its super speed, you can enjoy all your favorite Netflix series with no frozen screen. Highly trafficked times don’t have squat on fiber!


If you rely on the internet, particularly for work or streaming, you know how important bandwidth is. If you’ve ever experienced slow internet due to several devices on the same connection, you know how frustrating the lag can be. Fiber boasts much higher bandwidth than cable, and is rarely impacted by high traffic. 

Equal Upload and Download Times 

Symmetrical bandwidth. A phrase you may be unfamiliar with, but not for long. Upload time refers to how long it takes for you to do just that, upload something to the internet. Perhaps it’s adding a new picture of your pup to Facebook, or uploading a post to your new blog. Download speed refers to how quickly your internet loads webpages. In an ideal world, the internet should offer the same upload and download speed. This ideal world is possible through EIN, if you choose fiber internet!


EIN offers several plans to fit every need and budget. Don’t let slow internet put a damper on your productivity. Call us today at 877-758-1313, or contact us here

Working From Home?

Don’t let your internet slow you down.

Working remotely has never been more popular. By now, you’ve probably mastered the art of zoom calls and virtual communication. You’ve swapped the board room for the computer screen, and gone is the gossip in the break room. And while the occasional interruption may be inevitable, it doesn’t have to come from your wi-fi. Let’s face it, your furry friend is a lot cuter!

Depending on the number of devices using the internet at a given time, speed will vary. To make it simple for you, our partners made a great tool. 

You may be using a platform like Slack to communicate with your team, and relying on video conferencing to stay connected with colleagues. But if your wi-fi isn’t up to speed, you risk poor audio, a frozen screen, and even disconnection. A slow internet connection can put a damper on productivity and meetings.

For these programs to run smoothly, your internet must have adequate bandwidth to support them. 10MB/person is a great starting point. This will allow each individual to work without interruption.

For reference, below you’ll see a quick overview of the recommended upload speed of popular programs:

  • Slack: 200 Kbps- 2Mbps
  • Skype: 1.5 Mbps
  • Zoom: 2-3Mbps
  • Streaming Video: 3-25Mbps

EIN offers three plans to fit your WFH needs, and help say goodbye to lag for good. The good news is, you are able to upgrade your service at any time if you find you need more bandwidth!

Affordable, no contract, no credit check plans from $68 per month!

Explore our options here or call and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives today!