Working From Home?

Don’t let your internet slow you down.

Working remotely has never been more popular. By now, you’ve probably mastered the art of zoom calls and virtual communication. You’ve swapped the board room for the computer screen, and gone is the gossip in the break room. And while the occasional interruption may be inevitable, it doesn’t have to come from your wi-fi. Let’s face it, your furry friend is a lot cuter!

Depending on the number of devices using the internet at a given time, speed will vary. To make it simple for you, our partners made a great tool. 

You may be using a platform like Slack to communicate with your team, and relying on video conferencing to stay connected with colleagues. But if your wi-fi isn’t up to speed, you risk poor audio, a frozen screen, and even disconnection. A slow internet connection can put a damper on productivity and meetings.

For these programs to run smoothly, your internet must have adequate bandwidth to support them. 10MB/person is a great starting point. This will allow each individual to work without interruption.

For reference, below you’ll see a quick overview of the recommended upload speed of popular programs:

  • Slack: 200 Kbps- 2Mbps
  • Skype: 1.5 Mbps
  • Zoom: 2-3Mbps
  • Streaming Video: 3-25Mbps

EIN offers three plans to fit your WFH needs, and help say goodbye to lag for good. The good news is, you are able to upgrade your service at any time if you find you need more bandwidth!

Affordable, no contract, no credit check plans from $68 per month!

Explore our options here or call and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives today!