Verizon Offers Additional Parental Controls

Verizon Offers Additional Parental Controls

If you have kids, you probably know how important parental controls can be. Now Verizon is giving people the ability to keep a closer watch on their kids’ activity with their new parental control app.

Verizon previously had a parental control app, but it’s been reworked and renamed. According to Engadget, the new app is called Verizon Smart Family and it has some specific new features. It still lets users filter content (of course), see their kids’ phone status, set a limit on screen time, stop their internet access, and more.

The main new features are app-blocking and location tracking. The Verizon Smart Family website says you can get alerts about your child’s location, meaning you’ll be notified when they arrive at certain locations. You can add a number of different locations and label them. For instance, you can add the addresses for your home, your child’s school, their friends’ houses, and more. You can also simply track where they are at any given time. And you can choose specific apps to block on your child’s phone.

The app, which is available for Android and for iOS, also got a makeover. It’s now using a clean and bright layout that moves smoothly and is easier to use. You can see your children’s different profiles and look at their locations on a map. Everything you need to see is collected on each child’s own separate page.

The Verizon website currently shows that you can get a free trial of these features for 30 days. After your trial, it costs $4.99 a month for basic features (with no location tracking or alerts) or $9.99 a month if you want all the features. The newly redesigned and updated app is already available.