Duolingo Gets an Update

Duolingo Gets an Update

Duolingo, the popular service for learning new languages, is adding new ways to continue learning a language even more fully.

Users of the service who may previously have completed all of the levels in a language and couldn’t really advance higher will now be able to go even further with their new Crown Levels, reports The Verge. When working their way through a language, the update will allow users to level up after each section. This will allow language learners an opportunity to work on even more advanced skills.

According to The Verge, there are now five difficulty levels. You can either continue on to the Crown Levels after each section, or go through all the sections and come back later to complete the more advanced levels. Because you have this option, you’ll now be able to decide whether you want to learn casually or study intensely. And for users who already felt like they’d gotten everything they could from Duolingo, they will now have a reason to come back and continue their learning.

Duolingo has been a popular service for those learning new languages. Hundreds of millions of people have registered to use the service since it first came out less than a decade ago. English speakers currently can choose from 31 different languages to learn. It’s free, so it’s a useful tool for everyone who can access the service.

Duolingo was also in the news recently when they added an interesting language to its lineup: Klingon. As reported, Duolingo users can now learn how to speak the fictional language by just practicing 5 minutes every day. You can learn phrases that fit with the lore of the Klingons from Star Trek.

Whether you’re learning Klingon or Spanish, Duolingo’s new Crown Levels will make it possible for you to progress even further in your language learning. The new update is available in all of the service’s formats, so take a look at the new content available in your app or on the website.