What’s New With YouTube TV & YouTube Kids

What’s New With YouTube TV & YouTube Kids

YouTube showed up in the news this week for a couple different reasons, both of them revolving around their additional services. YouTube TV has received an update that makes it more accessible, while it’s been reported YouTube Kids will become a little more trustworthy in the future.

YouTube TV will now be able to be watched in the Firefox browser, says TechCrunch. It was previously only available for Chrome users, keeping things in the Google family. But as promised, it’s begun to expand. Firefox is a massively popular browser, so it should make things a little easier for some people.

YouTube TV, which I wrote about last year, is a live TV service with a monthly fee. The service is $40 a month and offers more than 50 networks for live streaming. It can be used by multiple people with their own DVRs, and recordings are stored in their unlimited cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about flipping through other peoples’ recordings or running out of space. Now that YouTube TV is available on Firefox, we’ll see how long it takes to reach other popular browsers.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed News is reporting that, according to their source, YouTube Kids will be coming out with a different version of their app that may ease parents’ concerns about what their kids are watching. YouTube Kids uses algorithms to decide what shows up for kids to watch, and it has famously accidentally showed children videos that were upsetting to parents. BuzzFeed News specifically mentions conspiracy videos that have been appearing on YouTube Kids, even flat earth videos, as well as videos with age-inappropriate content.

The new app (which wouldn’t replace the current app but would simply be a new option) would only include videos from sources that were approved by YouTube, BuzzFeed News says. This would add a human element to the decision-making process. Parents would be able to feel a little more comfortable with their kids using the app—they wouldn’t have to worry about the algorithm missing something.

BuzzFeed News also mentions their source said this new app could be released within weeks, though it hasn’t been confirmed by YouTube yet.