Want to Have All Your Food Delivered?

Want to Have All Your Food Delivered?

Online shopping is nothing new. We’ve been able to go online and buy clothes, toys, hardware, and most everything else for many years now. Shopping online can be a major time-saver and make things extra convenient.

Over the past few years, one specific type of product has become easier and easier to have delivered: food. In the past, having food delivered could be a little trickier. Local stores often didn’t offer online delivery services. And if you wanted hot food delivered from a local restaurant, you’d have to search around to figure out which ones delivered.

Now, though, if you live in a decent-sized city, you probably have more access to food delivery than before. Here are some popular services you might not know deliver. Check them out to see if they service your area!


Groceries have typically been less likely to have online delivery services. That’s been quickly changing. Here are some of the popular services you might have access to!

AmazonFresh: This service from Amazon can bring your groceries and some other items wherever you are, even including some items from local vendors. It’s only available in select cities right now.

Hy-Vee Aisles Online: Hy-Vee has hundreds of stores across the Midwest, so you might have one near you. In some cities, they offer online delivery service.

Instacart: Instacart is a service that can deliver from many different grocery stores. This includes (but isn’t limited to) stores like Kroger, Safeway, and Costco. It’s available across the country.

Shipt: This company also offers delivery services for a number of different grocery stores. For instance, Target’s online delivery program uses Shipt. Shipt is currently available in a number of locations, most of which are in the midwestern, southern, and eastern areas of the country (like Oklahoma, Illinois, Texas, and Virginia).

Walmart Grocery: Walmart offers online shopping with their Walmart Grocery service. In some select cities, they can deliver your order right to your door. In most cities, you have to drive to the store where an employee will bring the order to your car. However, Walmart recently announced they plan to bring grocery delivery to more than a hundred areas before the year ends. If Walmart doesn’t deliver to you yet, keep a close watch, because it might become available near you very soon.

Local restaurant food (from almost anywhere)

Before new services began being offered, if you wanted food delivered from a restaurant, it was hit or miss. Now there are plenty of local services you might have that can bring you nearly anything you want. Here are just a few!

DoorDash: This food delivery service delivers in some select cities currently. They deliver from many different restaurants, including local restaurants. Delivery fees vary from place to place.

GrubHub: This service delivers from quite a few restaurants, focusing on local restaurants. Delivery fees vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Lightning Delivery: This delivery service can deliver from many different restaurants, including chains and some local restaurants. Their delivery fee is a minimum of $3.99 (but can be more depending on how far away you are).

Uber Eats: The ride sharing service also delivers food! If you have Uber in your area, you might have Uber Eats as well. You can order food from chains and some local restaurants. The delivery fee depends on distance and other factors Uber takes into account (like how busy an area is).