‘Files Go’ From Google Has Been Updated

‘Files Go’ From Google Has Been Updated

Google has now updated their device management app and implemented some useful new changes.

Files Go is Google’s app that helps people manage their devices. The app was released last year as a beta after the app was accidentally leaked during testing. Because it was leaked, Google released it earlier than planned. With the Files Go app, users can see how much storage space they’re using, tap and scroll through the different areas and folders in their phones, get tips about ways they can clear up space, share files without an internet connection, and more. Files Go is part of the line of apps from Google that focus on making their content more accessible for people with less advanced phones or difficulties accessing the internet or a mobile network regularly. (Other apps include YouTube Go and Gmail Go.)

Google has now announced in a blog post that Files Go has been updated with some welcome changes. The post outlines three specific new changes that all focus on ease of use and better performance. Firstly, and perhaps most helpfully, app users will now be able to search through their files. Google is, of course, best known for its search engine. The lack of a search function in Files Go was notable because of this. Google mentions you’ll be able to get “instant results,” look at a history of your searches, see auto-completed search terms, and more. And like most of its other features, you won’t have to be connected to the internet to use it.

The other two newly announced features center on file removal. Files Go previously showed users any duplicate files on their device. However, now things will be clearer thanks to Files Go showing where the duplicates are located. In addition to this, people who use Google Photos to upload their photos to the cloud will be able to quickly save space. After files are backed up, Files Go will automatically let you know and give you a chance to remove the backed up files.

These changes will make Files Go an even more useful device management app for everyone. Google is asking that users go ahead and give the features a try, then leave feedback on the changes.