Nest Now Offering a Temperature Sensor

Nest Now Offering a Temperature Sensor

Nest, the popular smart device company, is now releasing a temperature sensor.

Nest has been well-known in the smart home arena for some time now. They offer a variety of smart home products. They have smart thermostats, smart cameras, smart doorbells, smart security systems, smart locks, and more. Their focus is on offering products that can combine to make one well-connected smart home for easy security and control.

Nest’s devices are quite popular, with their products regularly showing up in articles featuring the top smart products on the market. The Nest Thermostat is particularly popular. Their thermostats are designed to save energy and make controlling your home’s temperature more convenient. You can control the thermostat from your mobile device, set it to turn down when you’re not home, and more. With the pricier models, you can even let your thermostat learn what temperature you like at certain times of day so that it can adjust itself automatically.

Now Nest is releasing the Nest Temperature Sensor to work with their smart thermostats. Using the Temperature Sensor, you can help your Nest Thermostat keep track of the temperature in specific rooms. You can set the sensor in a room (or attach it to the wall) and make sure that room’s temperature is regulated the way you want.

Nest’s website mentions using multiple Nest Temperature Sensors to keep track of different rooms. You can then decide which rooms are most important to keep regulated and at what times. This means if you want to make sure your living room is a certain temperature while you’re home during the day, but you also want to make sure your child’s room is a certain temperature while they’re sleeping at night, you could use multiple sensors to plan your temperature schedule.

The Nest Temperature Sensor is currently available for pre-order. One sensor costs $39, while you can get three sensors for $99. You can learn more about the new Temperature Sensor on Nest’s website.