Uber Introducing ‘Uber Health’

Uber Introducing ‘Uber Health’

Uber is getting in the medical transport field with their newly-introduced Uber Health ride service.

You’ve probably heard some crazy stories about people calling for an Uber when they needed to go to the hospital. Some people have been calling for a ride instead of calling an ambulance, because ambulance rides are so expensive and Uber rates are much more affordable by comparison.

Well, Uber Health won’t address the issue of costly ambulance rides or injured people calling for an Uber driver, but the company is still getting involved in the medical field in a different way. While people are desperately trying to cut back on their medical bills by hailing an Uber instead of calling 911, many other people can’t make it to their basic medical appointments because they don’t have a vehicle or any other form of transportation, and they also can’t afford to shell out the money up front for a ride.

Uber Health lets healthcare organizations set up rides for their clients so people don’t have to worry about how they’re going to make it there. According to the Uber Health website, the purpose of the new service is to make it easier for clients to get to their destinations so there aren’t as many missed appointments.

Organizations can set up a ride in advance or at the time it’s needed. Then the client will get a text or call to provide the ride details, followed by another text or call when the driver is actually headed there to pick them up. Organizations are billed monthly for their clients’ rides, and they can get detailed information on the rides, including cost and how long the ride lasted.

For riders, this means they don’t have to enter their card information into the Uber app or, actually, use the Uber app at all. Riders using Uber Health don’t even have to send or receive texts to use the service, since they can get their information through a phone call. This means people who aren’t particularly tech-savvy can get a ride to their appointment through the rideshare service.

Uber Health’s website notes that there’s “HIPAA-trained support” for the people organizing the rides. A rider’s data is encrypted, and drivers don’t see that a requested ride is coming through Uber Health. This means there’s a high level of privacy with Uber Health, which is necessary in the medical field.

Many healthcare organizations are already using Uber Health. To find out if your organization is using it, contact your healthcare provider. And in the meantime, learn more about Uber Health on their website.