Say Goodbye to Swype Keyboard

Say Goodbye to Swype Keyboard

Swype, the enormously popular swipe keyboard, is no more. As of right now, Swype is not available to download from Google Play or the App Store.

The Swype keyboard has now been discontinued, bringing to an end one of the most popular keyboard apps—and one of the earliest swipe keyboards, the one that helped popularize swiping to text in the first place.

Swype came onto the scene back in the 2000s, and it eventually introduced a lot of people to the swipe keyboard. It allowed people to do something they’d possibly never done before—swipe their fingers across the keys to write words quickly and easily. It eventually grew to offer more than just its predictive text. It could learn your writing style, it let you customize its appearance (including its layout) and features, and it offered voice to text.

Since Swype launched and became wildly popular, more and more keyboard apps have been released with similar features. And if you’re using a recent smartphone, you very likely can swipe to text on the default keyboard, meaning you might not even think to try out a third-party keyboard app. This may not necessarily be a reason for Swype’s end, but it does mean that there was already a great deal of competition, and another keyboard app can likely take its place.

The reason Swype is being discontinued, according to a statement given to XDA Developers, is because Nuance, the developers, plan to focus more on other areas in the tech world. Particularly, they mention “AI-powered solutions” for other markets. They also note that the tech used for Swype will still be used elsewhere.

Though users who have already downloaded Swype can keep using it, it can’t be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. It also won’t be updated or supported further in the future, meaning it’s now in its final incarnation.

Just last week, I wrote an article describing some of the most popular keyboard apps available now. While Swype may be going away, there are still quite a few other keyboard apps that can make typing better. If you use Swype and want to see what other good alternatives there are, check out my article, then say a fond farewell to the soon-to-be-missed Swype.

(Featured image: Swype website)