Xbox Party Chat Available for Android & iOS

Xbox Party Chat Available for Android & iOS

Xbox Party Chat is now available on devices with Android and iOS!

If you’ve wanted to keep in contact with your team while away from your Xbox, or if you just want to be able to use your phone for communication instead of your Xbox, now you can. Microsoft has added its party chat feature to its Xbox app on Android and iOS. You can use live voice chat and text to contact your team if you have Xbox Live.

You might find this useful if you’re making plans with a team or if you’re running late to join the team in-game. It’s also particularly cool because it makes it easier to create a group chat for your team when you’re not actually playing, so you won’t have to all chat on a separate third-party app if you want to stay in contact.

In the past, people have turned to other apps and programs for team communication. One of the most popular choices has been Discord. Discord provides free voice and text chatting that’s specifically targeted at gamers. It works on computers and phones, so just about any gamer can use it. Since Xbox didn’t offer live voice chat, and since Skype wasn’t necessarily the best choice for gamers, Discord became popular among gamers. Other services gamers have used include Mumble (free voice chat software targeted at gamers) and TeamSpeak (free or paid voice chatting meant for gamers as well as professionals).

Now that Android and iOS devices can access live voice and text chat right through the official Xbox app, it’s unclear how many people will really switch to the Xbox app and drop the services they’ve already been using. However, if there was anyone who was wary of using a third-party service for voice chatting, they now have the option of staying in the Xbox app for team chats.

If you don’t have it already, find the Xbox app through Google Play or in the App Store.