Android Oreo Update Paused

Android Oreo Update Paused

Android’s newest update, Android 8.0 (a.k.a. Oreo), has stopped after unexpected issues occurred with some users.

The highly anticipated update began rolling out to Samsung S8 devices last week, says The Verge, but it’s now been halted. The update was stopped as it was causing some users’ phones to reboot unexpectedly. Specifically, some S8 and S8 Plus owners were reporting that the update caused their phones to reboot at random.

Android 8.0—Oreo—is bringing many new features to Android users. Android’s website details some of the features to expect from the release that has been rolling out. It notes some phones will start two times faster, and they’ll use power better because 8.0 reduces background app usage. It’s also adding an autofill feature, offering picture-in-picture (so you can use more than one app at a time), changing some aspects of how apps work, releasing redesigned emojis (with more than 60 new ones), adding accessibility updates, and more.

Last year, CNET outlined some of the Android Oreo features they were most excited about. This included the new autofill feature and the picture in picture feature. They also pointed out how useful the app changes will be. They mentioned the new notification channels that will be available in apps that update for Oreo, as well as the notification dots that will appear on apps.

The Verge points out that the update wasn’t rolling out worldwide yet, so the sudden halt to Oreo’s release doesn’t impact as many people as it could. However, those who did already get the update before it was stopped are now using an OS that is not as ready for release as Samsung thought. The Verge’s article quotes Samsung as saying they’re working to get the improved version of Oreo out to users “as quickly as possible,” so hopefully users won’t have to wait too long.

For even more about Android Oreo, check out the Android website or read Android Authority’s review from last year.