YouTube TV & YouTube Go Expand Services

YouTube TV & YouTube Go Expand Services

YouTube services can now reach more people and more devices with the expansion of YouTube TV and YouTube Go.

YouTube TV’s live streaming service is now available for use on Apple TV devices and Roku devices, according to The Verge. As pointed out by Business Insider, these releases came just before the Superbowl, a major TV event. Now many more people will be able to easily access YouTube TV on their devices.

YouTube TV is YouTube’s live television service that officially launched in a number of cities last year. Since its initial launch, it’s become available in a fairly long list of cities. It offers live TV from over 40 networks, DVR (with the ability to record more than one thing at a time), multiple accounts (so everyone can have their own favorites and recordings), no contract, and unlimited cloud storage space for recordings. It’s $35 a month, with a few additional channels (including Showtime) available for an extra monthly fee.

Before its release on Apple TV and Roku devices, it was previously reported that the service had brought in 300,000 people so far (this was in January of this year).

As this news broke, more news about YouTube was released. YouTube Go will soon be available in more than a hundred countries. The app is specifically designed to bring access to YouTube videos in places where connections may be limited and phone capabilities may not be as advanced.

According to its Google Play product description, YouTube Go lets you download videos to watch offline, share them (without using data), preview videos, control how much data you use, and avoid bogging down your phone by making the app size small (around 9 MB). It’s also meant to work on older phones, unlike many apps now that are designed specifically for newer updates.

The app was originally only released in India, says TechCrunch, but now it will be rolled out to over 130 countries. According to Variety, those countries include Afghanistan, Brazil, and Mexico, just to name a few. It’s also important to note that there are not any plans to bring YouTube Go to Western countries like the US.