New Instagram Updates Will Benefit Businesses

New Instagram Updates Will Benefit Businesses

Instagram is making some changes, and they’ll be very useful for businesses. Instagram’s changes to their ads and to post scheduling will make things more convenient for businesses, though some are questioning whether one of the changes will go over well with the typical user.

Instagram Stories will see a change in how ads are displayed. TechCrunch is reporting that “Carousel Ads” are coming to Stories. With this change, ads that are included in Stories will be able to have three pieces of content instead of just one. This will allow advertisers to use multiple kinds of content—including images and videos—instead of just having one video or one image.

This does raise the question of how users will respond to these ads. Currently, Instagram users who are looking through Stories only have to swipe once to move past an ad they’re not interested in. With Carousel Ads, they may have to swipe three times. For some, this could be frustrating. However, this may allow advertisers to make their ads more interesting and enjoyable. Also, a couple additional swipes may not be an issue for many users.

Instagram’s blog goes over more details, including previewing of one of these ads and noting that they’re starting with just some select advertisers, including the Gap and Coca-Cola.

Businesses will also now find it possible to schedule some of their posts on Instagram. Business accounts on Instagram now have access to post scheduling through the use of other tools (like the popular HootSuite or other Facebook or Instagram partners), according to The Verge. Instagram hasn’t allowed actual post scheduling before now, so this announcement is big news for businesses.

Post scheduling currently only works for photos, and as mentioned, it’s not directly available from Instagram. But it will be an extremely useful tool for those trying to promote their brand through Instagram photos. The typical Instagram user can also expect to see post scheduling available to them sometime in early 2019.