Google Home and Chromecast Devices Caused Wi-Fi Issues

Google Home and Chromecast Devices Caused Wi-Fi Issues

If you use Google Home or Chromecast, you may have been experiencing issues with your wi-fi because of it.

People were initially reporting problems several days ago when owners of the Google Home Max and the TP-Link Archer C7 router were dealing with their wi-fi crashing while their Google Home Max was in use. TP-Link fixed the problem, according to Gizmodo, but it quickly became clear that the problem wasn’t just with Google Home Max or the Archer C7 router. People using other devices, like Chromecast, were experiencing the issue as well.

The issue, as Gizmodo explains, is that when these Google devices were woken, they were sending packets of data that sometimes made the routers crash. The amount of data sent at one time grew the longer the Google device was inactive before being turned back on.

Google addressed the issue through a Google Home Help post, explaining what was happening. People using an Android device and a device like Chromecast or Google Home on the same wi-fi network were affected by the wi-fi crash issue. This is because the issue was with the Cast software specifically on Android devices, not with the Google Home Max or TP-Link routers as it previously had seemed.

Google noted they would be releasing a fix for the problem right away. An update was scheduled for Google Play services on the 18th of this month. According to Android Police, a beta update has now started rolling out. At this point, the article mentions, some users are saying the update has fixed the issue, while others are still not seeing any improvement even after updating.

If you want to try the beta update, you can do so by becoming a tester. Or if you’d rather wait for an update to the public version of Google Play services, Google has suggested that anyone having the wi-fi crash issue should restart their Android device and then make sure their router is up to date.