Facebook Offers New ‘Watch Party’ Feature

Facebook Offers New ‘Watch Party’ Feature

Facebook is once again adding a new feature to improve the watching experience. Facebook’s new ‘Watch Party’ feature brings users a way to watch videos with other people.

As CNET reports, Facebook is testing a new feature that lets people come together to watch videos. The feature works with Live videos currently being broadcast, as well as videos that have already been posted. In its current state, it’s being tested by groups on Facebook. Groups are communities formed of people with a shared interest. Admins of the groups can choose a public video and let the group members watch it together while they comment and react to it.

Fidji Simo, the Video director for Facebook, wrote a post about the new feature being tested. In it, she notes that it’s being tested with a “handful of Groups.” This is just the beginning of the Watch Party feature. The test is small at the moment, but Simo mentions they “hope to expand Watch Party in the future.”

This emphasis on bringing groups closer together appears to be part of Facebook’s focus on “meaningful social interactions,” which Mark Zuckerberg wrote about in a recent post. Zuckerberg addressed concerns with Facebook updates that focused more on impersonal ads and branded content instead of content from friends. The post makes it clear that Facebook will now be making a point to make their platform feel more personal again.

Facebook has also been working hard to be at the top of the game when it comes to watching videos on their platform. Over the past months, they’ve added features that improve the video experience for creators and for viewers. In September, Facebook added their Facebook Watch section, which lets viewers keep up with channels and series. It also lets creators draw in more viewers. In October, the platform updated their Facebook Live feature to let users stream their screens. And in November, they released Facebook Creator, an app that helps video makers produce even better content.

Facebook’s Watch Party feature is just the newest in a long line of improvements to Facebook’s watching experience. It’s also a step towards a more personal experience on the social media platform. As it’s rolled out, hopefully users will have more opportunities to enjoy content together and feel more connected.