Tech Spotlight

Tech Spotlight

It’s time again for our weekly Tech Spotlight! I’m sharing tech that’s fun, interesting, educational, or just cool. Take a look at this week’s finds and then head over to Amazon to add them to your cart!

Makey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

This tech toy lets kids and adults experiment and come up with ideas for new fun inventions. The kit is a small circuit board with alligator clips. Using these alligator clips, you can turn all kinds of different objects into something new.

For instance, the product description mentions a “banana piano” more than once. This invention can be made by using a virtual online piano, Makey Makey, and some bananas. Placing the alligator clips on the bananas turns them into piano keys. This is just one potential fun invention—their description says there are thousands of things to come up with.

Not only can it be silly and fun, it’s also meant to help people learn. The idea for Makey Makey started at MIT. There are lesson plans on Makey Makey’s websites, and the hope is that people will be encouraged to really think and be creative.

If you or your child want to learn and have fun at the same time, check out Makey Makey’s kit, and then get creating!

Navdy – Heads Up Display & GPS Navigation

Navdy provides the services you might have grown used to having in your car, displaying them in a convenient way. The device’s display projects the information you want onto your windshield so you can keep your eyes forward on the road, and it since it’s a transparent display, it doesn’t unnecessarily block a chunk of your vision. Information is displayed in the distance and in full color. It also promises to be visible in bright light, and it dims when it gets dark out.

It also helps you avoid having to turn to pick up or handle your phone. You can use gestures to swipe with Navdy, letting you answer your phone and perform other tasks. And since it can read information out loud to you, you won’t feel tempted to dangerously attempt to read information or messages.

You can do a number of different things with Navdy. Perhaps most important is its navigation service. It uses Google Maps, so if you already use that service, you won’t have to get used to a new one. You can also use Navdy to take calls, listen to and send messages, and play music. Plus you can set up a customized “dashboard” that shows information like how much gas you have left and how fast you’re going.

Whether you use a navigation service every now and again or want to keep up information during a drive, Navdy can work for you. Check it out on Amazon and make driving more convenient!

SZJJX RC Drones, Foldable Remote Control Wifi Quadcopter

This drone from SZJJX has some particularly fun and useful features. The drone can be used for multiple purposes and can be controlled in more than one way.

SZJJX’s drone is convenient because it can be folded when not in use. This means it won’t be particularly bulky if you’re taking it somewhere. It also has two speeds, LED lights, and a wind-resistant design.

What might be the most fun, though, is the HD camera with its wide angle lens. This camera can be used to take photos of cool shots from the air. It can also be used to experience the drone in flight. Your phone can be connected to the drone’s camera, allowing you to watch video from the drone while it’s in the air. You can even use a VR headset while watching the video.

The drone has a number of other interesting little features, like its “gravity sensor” and “altitude” modes. You can also use their app to create a flight plan by drawing where you want the drone to go.

Drones are becoming more and more affordable and accessible, and this drone seems to be a highly-reviewed and fun choice. Take a look at all of its features on Amazon!