Snapchat’s Redesign Is Not Going Over Well

Snapchat’s Redesign Is Not Going Over Well

The Snapchat app has been redesigned in an update released in some select countries, and so far, the news isn’t great. In fact, it’s pretty bad. TechCrunch is reporting that 83% of the App Store reviews have a negative response to the new update.

TechCrunch also notes the most used words in those reviews include “new update” and “please fix.” Some users are asking how to go back to a previous version (Snapchat Support says they can’t), and overall, users of the new update are suggesting the redesign is unnecessarily confusing.

The Independent notes that one major complaint among users is how Stories are now laid out. If you want to see your friends’ Stories, you must now swipe right (instead of left) and find the Stories jumbled in with your messages. And TechCrunch adds that autoplaying Stories is no longer possible in the update. Instead, users have to tap to get to the next Stories, adding extra (and seemingly unnecessary) steps to the process.

Users are letting their feelings out in more areas than just the App Store. The Twitter hashtag #snapchatupdate is full of Tweets about the update. Some people are tweeting about ways people with the update might be able to revert to a previous version. Others are venting their frustration, while some are cracking jokes and mocking Snap’s redesign decision. @WakehamNick jokes, “User: I believe that the Apple Watch has the worst user interface. Snapchat: hold my beer. #snapchatupdate,” while @SheriannemilleR warns, “DONT UPDATE YOUR SNAPCHAT APP. DONT DO IT. ITS HORRIBLE. #snapchatupdate.”

Facebook is also filled with posts about the update. Many users are sharing articles with negative responses to the update. Even more users are discussing ways to remove the update, and like Twitter users, they’re begging Snap to change back to the previous design. There are, of course, some positive responses to the update—but these comments are few when compared to the negative reviews.

Right now the update is only in a few countries, including U.K., Australia, and Canada, says TechCrunch. It’s not currently available in the U.S., which means there could potentially be time for Snap to listen to its users and change back. Unfortunately, there’s no suggestion this will happen—in fact, they’ve addressed the response by suggesting users just need time to get used to the change and come to enjoy it.

In any case, when this update does come to the U.S. and other countries, the overwhelmingly negative response from this past week gives many people the chance to decide whether to install the new update.