‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Coming to Hulu

‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Coming to Hulu

In what I’d call a completely unexpected move, it’s been announced that the hit cartoon ‘Animaniacs’ will return to its viewers thanks to a partnership between Hulu, Amblin Television, and Warner Bros. Animation!

‘Animaniacs,’ in case you’ve forgotten or somehow missed out, was a hugely popular cartoon that aired in the 90s on Fox Kids and then later on The WB. The show featured a collection of shorts each episode, and some of the characters included the popular trio of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, as well as the scheming characters Pinky and the Brain.

This reboot will be available to watch through Hulu. Steven Spielberg will once again be the executive producer for the show, according to Variety, and there will be at least two seasons of the show starting in 2020. TechCrunch also reports that all of the previous episodes of ‘Animaniacs,’ as well as other related shows, are now available on Hulu. There are 99 episodes just of ‘Animaniacs,’ which means if it’s been a while since you watched—like, since the 90s—you’ll have time over the next couple of years to refresh your memory.

This is just the newest in a long line of cartoon reboots. There are, of course, some cartoons that just keep coming back in new cartoon series. ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ is a good example of this. It feels as though it’s never left television because there have been so many new series.

Other cartoons, though, have somewhat recently been brought back for the first time in a long while, and even more are coming. ‘DuckTales,’ for instance, was brought back on Disney XD just last year. Before that,The Powerpuff Girls’ returned to television. Plus, according to Nerdist, She-Ra’ is going to be rebooted sometime this year, with the show being released on Netflix.

The announcement about ‘Animaniacs’ is only surprising in that I simply hadn’t considered it as a possibility. However, it could be a fun show to reboot. With all the cartoon reboots in the works or already airing, it does make me wonder what might be next. Personally, I’d like to suggest that ‘Darkwing Duck’ actually come back (in spite of the fact that previous rumors about its reboot have been shot down). Or another popular cartoon from the 90s, ‘CatDog,’ could be interesting to revisit. Hey, just a thought.

‘Animaniacs’ will be returning in a couple years—2020—so for now, head over to Hulu and rewatch ‘Animaniacs,’ as well as ‘Pinky & the Brain,’ ‘Pinky, Elmyra, & the Brain,’ and ‘Tiny Toon Adventures.’

(Featured image: Warner Bros)