Amazon Might Create a Virtual Reality Mirror

Amazon Might Create a Virtual Reality Mirror

If recent patents are any indication, Amazon will be producing even more virtual reality (VR) tech in the future. Amazon’s newest potential plans are for a full-length VR mirror.

Amazon filed a patent this week for a full-length mirror that will mix reality with virtual places and items. Their patent, called “Blended Reality Systems and Methods,” was published within the past week. The mirror would use “mirrors, lights, projectors, displays and cameras” to display clothing and settings, says CNN Money.

This mirror looks like another step further into the world of fashion for Amazon. Amazon already has the Echo Look, which isn’t a mirror but is a smart device focused on fashion. With Echo Look, people can have the device take photos and videos of them, then let the content be uploaded, saved, or shared. People can use this content to get advice from a service called Style Check, which uses algorithms as well as actual suggestions from real people in the world of fashion.

Amazon is also already finding ways to let shoppers visualize what they’re buying before making a purchase. As I talked about in a previous article, Amazon’s app on some iPhones uses augmented reality (AR) to let people place certain products in whatever room the phone’s camera is pointing at. It lets shoppers see whether something fits the style or might be the right size.

Amazon’s possible VR mirror would likely have some concepts similar to the Echo Look and their AR shopping feature. Their mirror would let people visualize their fashion choices when shopping. Using the mirror, users would see themselves, live and in motion (not in a photo), appearing to wear virtual clothing they are considering purchasing. This, of course, would make it much easier to decide whether certain clothing items would look good together or be a good choice for that specific person. Even better, there would be an option to incorporate a virtual background. People could choose from locations, meaning it would make it possible to really see how an outfit would fit in certain specific settings.

Again, this is just a patent, which means it’s possible it won’t actually be released. Also, even if it is, it’s hard to tell how far into the future its release would be. But it is a good indication of what Amazon is interested in creating for its shoppers. It’s also a fun and interesting potential development in the world of VR tech. I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what direction Amazon goes with this tech.