Snapchat Joins Other Platforms in Letting You Look Back at 2017

Snapchat Joins Other Platforms in Letting You Look Back at 2017

If you’ve spent much time on Snapchat this year, you might have quite a few photos and videos saved in your Memories. If so, you can now look back on 2017 with Snap’s new feature called “A Look Back at 2017.”

With 2018 about to kick off, some platforms are giving their users a way to look back at the past year. Perhaps most well-known is Facebook’s feature called “Year in Review.” This feature lets users share a video that collects fun or important moments from the past year. Facebook users can edit their videos before sharing to make sure some of the best content is included. In my experience, my feed becomes flooded with videos from people looking back on the year, and it’s a lot of fun.

Instagram users can also wrap up their year with the popular #bestnine2017 hashtag. Users share a photo collage of the nine most popular shots they posted over the year. You can’t actually create this photo directly inside the Instagram app, but you can use a website like 2017bestnine to generate your collage of popular photos, or you can do it yourself with Instagram’s Layouts app.

Snapchat’s feature is interesting when you consider what previously made the app so appealing—its disappearing images. Many people were drawn to the app because Snaps quickly disappeared, never to be seen again. Since that time, though, Snapchat’s popularity has continued even as they’ve added the ability to save your Snaps into your Memories and let people view your Snaps for much longer than before. Their year-end review feature further shows that having Snaps disappear forever is not necessarily as important anymore. You can not only save your images, but you can collect them all together and show others your Snaps from across the year.

To share your end-of-the-year Snap review, simply open the app, go to your Memories, and look for the “A Look Back at 2017” feature. Then follow the prompts. The Verge mentions that if you don’t see this feature, it might be because you don’t have enough Snaps saved to your Memories to generate your year-end review. But if you do, you can take yourself and your friends back to your past Snaps to recall the fun times you’ve had in 2017 (and to reminisce about your favorite face filters).

Happy 2018!