Recommended Posts Added to Instagram

Recommended Posts Added to Instagram

Noticed any posts on Instagram that seem especially unfamiliar? If you have, it might be because Instagram has now added a recommended posts feature.

After you’ve scrolled through new Instagram posts from the accounts you follow, you’ll now see content that Instagram recommends for you. Instagram’s algorithm will display posts they think you’ll like based on your friends liking them. The “recommended for you” section displays after you’ve already looked at all the new content from the people you follow. If you see something you don’t like or that shouldn’t be on Instagram, the company notes that you can hide and report the content.

Though it’s hard to fully tell what the response from Instagram users is, so far the change is not going over well with many people. Some articles are straightforward in showing their distaste for the new feature. In an article titled “What Makes Instagram’s ‘Recommended’ Posts So Awful?” for Gizmodo, the author says that no one they’d talked to about the feature “is excited about the change,” and he goes on to question the choice. The Daily Dot’s article on the subject is titled “Instagram is further messing up your feed with ‘recommended’ posts.” Refinery29 says that “Your Instagram Feed Is About To Be Full Of Strangers.” Slate’s article is titled “Instagram Is Getting Less Intimate,” and they go on to say that scrolling through the new feature is “like getting separated from your friends in a crowded bar.” And aside from articles, a search about the subject on Twitter brings up a string of tweets from users expressing displeasure with the idea of recommended posts.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the feature will actually be a nuisance for users or if they will eventually enjoy it. The idea of it doesn’t seem to be popular and it isn’t going over well. But hopefully Instagram users will grow to like it once it’s been implemented for a while and they’ve gotten used to it. And if not, here’s hoping Instagram will listen to the users and make their feeds more personal again.