More Information About Magic Leap’s AR Goggles

More Information About Magic Leap’s AR Goggles

Magic Leap has released more information about their augmented reality goggles set to come out in 2018. The goggles are called the Magic Leap One and are referred to as the “Creator Edition.”

Magic Leap One is a set of futuristic-looking goggles, a Lightpack that runs the AR system, and a controller. According to Rolling Stone, there will be two sizes to choose from for the goggles, and they’ll be able to be arranged for comfort.

According to Magic Leap’s website, Magic Leap One will be different from most other AR devices. Their device will be able to recreate what wearers see, so they can place AR elements on their actual surroundings, and even “interact with” their real location. The device will then remember what it sees, building an area by remembering where everything in the room is located. This lets wearers place objects, leave them there, and come back to find them where they were left. Magic Leap gives the example of placing a virtual television on the wall and coming back to find it in the same place.

Magic Leap One will also respond to several different kinds of input, according to their website. Audio, movements, and eye tracking are all ways the AR system will keep up with what you’re doing while you wear the headset.

All of this, of course, is pretty different from what people come to expect from the typical AR headset. Wearers should be able to build their own environments and create permanent virtual additions to their surroundings, which gives users a lot of control. And they won’t just have to do everything by tapping a button or using a scroll pad—the headset will respond to much more than that.

Of course, tech-lovers have been waiting for Magic Leap to release their products for some time, so potential buyers are still a bit wary. According to The Verge, Magic Leap was supposed to send out their software development kit two years ago. These plans, though, are more specific and seem to be a bigger piece of news.

Magic Leap hasn’t set a specific release date, but their website states it will be out in 2018. You can visit their website and sign up for a mailing list to get updates about Magic Leap One. Keep an eye out next year for Magic Leap One to finally get its release.

(Featured image: Magic Leap)