Need Help with Gift Ideas?

Need Help with Gift Ideas?

The holidays are fast approaching, and though the season isn’t all about material items, you might be thinking about how to find the best gifts you can. As I write this article, it’s less than four weeks until Christmas, and Hanukkah begins in less than two weeks. (Sorry for the reminder!) On top of the winter holidays, there are always graduation ceremonies, birthdays, weddings, and who knows what else.

But don’t worry—you can use the internet to find gifts for the people you’re struggling to shop for! Maybe you’re taking part in a company gift exchange or have a fairly new friend you want to pick out a gift for. Here are just a few websites you can use to get suggestions for presents! Gift Finder

This gift finder is particularly helpful for two reasons: it offers a lot of different results, and it’s conveniently run by Amazon (where you were probably going to buy your gift anyway). Amazon’s gift finding tool has different categories by age range, gender, and category. There’s even an option for pets! You can filter by whether the gifts offer Prime shipping and by price. Unless you narrow by category, there’s a wide (and kind of odd) variety of gift suggestions. You might just find what you’re looking for with only a couple of clicks.

Gift Idea Generator

This website generates gift ideas for adults 18 and older. If you’d rather use an app, it’s available on Google Play. To use the website, you simply answer a series of questions. You start by asking if the gift is for someone age 18+ or 40+. Then you answer questions about how close you are, what kind of gift you want, and what the person is like. I will note that the results are limited—you only get one suggestion each time you go through the questions. But the questions are interesting and the results even moreso. At the very least, it can get the cogs turning and give you some inspiration.

This website has a great collection of gift ideas. It offers many different results after you’ve selected different categories or descriptors. You can find gifts by who the person is (including gender and age range), who they are to you (including romantic partners, family members, friends, and co-workers), what type of event it is (including winter holidays and birthdays), plus a lot more. Those three categories are just a few you have to choose from—you can narrow things down in other ways, as well. And, helpfully, the gift ideas are pulled from a variety of different websites. is an exceptionally useful tool. is a gift idea website and shop all in one. Take note that the results you get are for products offered by and that they want you to buy from them. But even still, you can get some great suggestions and use these ideas to shop around elsewhere! You can get gift suggestions based on gender, age range, holiday, and more. Best of all, you can take a personality quiz based on the giftee and get personalized suggestions. This is a great website to get inspiration (and maybe even buy your gift right then and there!)