Uber Hid Hack That Exposed User Data

Uber Hid Hack That Exposed User Data

Uber is in the news right now for being hacked—over a year ago. The company is dealing with the fallout of hiding this hack and going to great lengths to keep it secret.

According to Bloomberg, about 57 million people had their data stolen by the hackers—this includes riders and drivers. The affected people are not from one area; this hack reached all over the world. Some of the data that was stolen is users’ names, driver’s license numbers, and contact information (email addresses and phone numbers) for people who used Uber. This attack occurred in October of last year.

Uber is now letting people go as more details emerge. It seems that Uber actually paid the hackers to get rid of the stolen data and hide the fact that the hack even happened. The hackers were paid $100,000. At least two of the people involved in keeping the hack under wraps have already been removed from the company.

More is coming for Uber, though, as they’re already being investigated. Plus, as expected, a class-action suit is already in the works. Many are understandably upset to learn that Uber did everything it could to keep the news about the hack secret.

Right now, it’s hard to find out who has been impacted by this hack. But just in case, if you use Uber, you should certainly take a few steps to make sure you’re not negatively affected. Be sure to do the following:

  • Change your Uber password
  • Keep a close eye on your account
  • Keep watch for any news about how to find out who was affected, either from a news outlet or Uber email (in case they decide to email people who were affected)

More news about this hack seems to be coming out regularly. Since Uber hid this attack for so long, it’s completely possible there is more to learn about the breach from last year. Keep an eye out for Uber in the news, and in the meantime, just keep a close watch on your accounts.