Instagram Makes It Even Easier for Friends to Join Your Livestream

Instagram Makes It Even Easier for Friends to Join Your Livestream

Instagram is adding the option to request to join a livestream! Not long ago, Instagram added the ability to invite friends to join your livestream. About a month ago, users across Instagram found they could “go live with a friend” by inviting a friend into their live video. This would create a split screen live video with both users live at the same time.

Being able to include friends in livestreams is useful in many ways. It can be simply a fun way for friends to join up, chat, and have fun. It could also be used for more professional accounts to put out content with guests—for example, Instagram users could livestream interviews of other users.

Before, Instagram users had to invite their friends to join in. Now users can also add the option for friends to request to join. If you have the option enabled, a friend can let you know they want to join in on your video. All the user has to do is click a button that says “Request” underneath the video’s comments. If the user accepts a request for someone else to join, the person joining in will get an alert that their request has been accepted. The screen will then split in two—if you’re in portrait mode, the streams will sit on top of one another, while if you’re in landscape mode, the streams will be side-by-side. Right now, it’s only possible for two users to be in a live video at one time.

No worries, though—only mutual friends get access to this new feature. You won’t have random strangers asking to join in on your livestream. Also, if you’re worried you’ll get too many requests (particularly if you’re Instafamous and follow a ton of people back), you can always just turn off the feature. Instagram made a smart decision when they chose to allow users to disable the requesting feature—it would surely become annoying quickly if a user was creating a livestream and was flooded with requests from friends.

With this new update, Instagram is making their platform even more appealing to livestreamers and vloggers. With Facebook upping its game regularly, most recently with the addition of Facebook Creator, and with Instagram’s new developments, it’s clear that social media platforms are particularly focused on improving livestreaming and video publishing. Check out Instagram’s newest feature and see what you think!