‘Facebook Creator’ Now Available

‘Facebook Creator’ Now Available

Facebook has released an app for better Facebook videos. Facebook Live has grown more and more popular over the relatively short time it’s existed. Many content creators have chosen Facebook as their platform for creativity, building a fanbase and releasing videos regularly. Facebook has become a real competitor in the world of video creation. With Facebook Creator, the platform is making things even more appealing for people looking to share their videos.

Facebook Creator is an app that’s currently available in the App Store and will be coming soon to Google Play. (According to TechCrunch, it will be available for Android in the “coming months.”) It offers a lot of useful things for people who make videos on Facebook. For one thing, the Live Creative Kit in the app offers fun and creative tools for customizing a video. You can use the app to add a frame to your Live video, and you can add stickers.

An especially exciting part of this Creative Kit, though, is the ability to add intros and outros to videos. This lets video creators have even more control over what they’re sharing and get more creative. Adding these intro and outro clips to videos makes it easier for people like vloggers to use their typical branding and make their videos clearly their own.

Facebook Creator will also make it easier to communicate while going live. According to the description in the App Store, the app gathers all of the video creator’s messages in one place, including the comments being left on the video. This makes it much easier to respond to viewers, as it’s no longer necessary to watch your communication from several different places.

The Facebook Creator website also mentions a cool way you can interact with viewers through the app. Facebook Creator includes Live With, which lets live broadcasters bring other people into their videos. People who are making a Live video can see who’s viewing the video and invite specific people from that list to join their broadcast.

Facebook Creator is currently offering what’s called “early access” to the community through their website. As previously mentioned, it’s currently only available for iOS. If you’re interested in posting Facebook Live videos, check out Facebook Creator and see what it has to offer!