Tech Spotlight

Tech Spotlight

It’s time for another Tech Spotlight! Each week I’m showcasing several different cool tech products you can find on Amazon. This week, I’m putting a VR headset, Polaroid camera, and sci-fi inspired Bluetooth speaker in the spotlight. Take a look and get ready to add some fun (and useful) tech to your cart on Amazon!

Samsung Gear VR w/Controller

One of my favorite tech trends is the growth of virtual reality (VR). The Samsung Gear VR w/Controller is a particularly fun way to access VR content. This product comes with both a headset and a very useful remote.

With the Gear VR, you can place your Samsung phone in the headset and gain access to plenty of fun and exciting VR experiences. The Gear VR uses Oculus—users just download the necessary Oculus apps and start finding cool content. There are virtual reality games, videos, photos, social apps, browsers, and more. You can download an app that lets you travel to different places using Google Street View, or you could use the Samsung browser to find 360-degree videos on YouTube. There’s a ton of stuff you can do with VR, and the Gear VR is a great way to experience it.

The Gear VR has adjustable straps to make use more comfortable, and you simply adjust the device to make it comfortable for your specific vision needs. Many Samsung Galaxy devices work with the Gear VR—you can see the full list on the Amazon product page.

With this product, you get a fun remote. With the Gear VR alone, you use the headset to control your VR experience. With the remote, you can move the controller around to select, point to, or interact with the things you’re seeing. With the added fun of the controller, the Samsung Gear VR w/Controller is a great choice for checking out the world of VR.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology

This digital camera from Polaroid is a fun and convenient way to take photos. The camera is small and intended to be easily carried everywhere. It also features a straightforward and easy to use design. It has a micro-SD slot so the camera can hold 32GB of photos, and you can save these photos so you can transfer them to a computer. It also has different photo modes that essentially work like filters, giving your photos different looks, like vintage or black & white.

What’s really cool about this camera from Polaroid is that it’s a digital camera that can still let you print a photo you’ve taken right from the camera itself. The camera prints 2×3” photos in color, and it uses “Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology” for its prints. The prints won’t smudge, and using ZINK’s paper for the photos makes them harder to destroy while also adding more fun with the ability to peel off an adhesive backing.

If you’re looking for a fun, convenient, and somewhat nostalgic camera that offers the instant gratification of printing photos on the spot, check out the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera!

7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

This super cool speaker not only sounds good, it looks good, too. This speaker is a floating orb that spins while suspended above a base. The orb floating in mid-air makes the speaker seem wonderfully sci-fi, but it also has a less cosmetic purpose, too: the speaker’s vents are situated around the orb to offer the same sound in every direction. This is pretty different from the typical speaker with sound coming from the top or the sides of the device. No matter where you and your friends are in relation to the speaker, you should all get the same sound quality. To play music, users just connect to the speaker using either Bluetooth or NFC. This can make it pretty easy to connect to any device.

The base for the speaker holds the orb in air, which looks pretty awesome, but it too serves a purpose. The base of the speaker charges the orb as the orb floats, so the speaker can charge during use. Also, the speaker’s base can charge other devices, working as a charging dock.

And, of course, a quick look at the speaker will make sci-fi lovers think of a specific beloved franchise. This floating speaker not only offers a good sound experience, it’s also just awesome to look at.