Niantic Summoning a ‘Potter’ AR Game

Niantic Summoning a ‘Potter’ AR Game

Potterheads, rejoice! After months of crossed fingers and unconfirmed whispers, Pottermore has announced the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app that will use augmented reality to immerse players in the (totally real) wizarding world.

The game will come out at some point in the future under the newly-created Portkey Games label. The game is the child of both Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and—you probably guessed it—Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go.

Not long after Pokémon Go burst onto the scene, the idea of a Harry Potter-style version of the AR game started spreading across social media. Some people were calling for its creation, discussing how it might work and how amazing it would be, while others began to spread rumors that the game was already being created. Some websites even began reporting the rumor as a fact. But until this past week, the rumors were still just that: rumors.

With the exciting news that an augmented reality Harry Potter game really is coming, Potter fans are understandably hyped, though it’s important to mention that there’s no suggested release date yet. Pottermore simply says there will be more information about the game in 2018. What news we have so far, though, makes the game sound pretty awesome.

Pottermore’s news release mentions that players will take part in “adventures” outside. You might run into creatures or well-known people from the wizarding world while you’re on one of these adventures. And the game will let players build a “wizarding career,” as well as cast spells (a feature that is surely a must-have for an AR app set in the world of Harry Potter) and take part in other activities.

Based on Harry Potter’s huge popularity around the world and the fact that Pokémon Go has done so well, it’s not hard to imagine Harry Potter: Wizards Unite creating another new wave of AR gaming hysteria. One reason some players dropped off from Pokémon Go was that they just felt as though the game hadn’t changed enough to keep interest. With Wizards Unite, it’ll give every player the chance to get back out and discover a new world in an exciting way. It also sounds like it will have some cool features that will keep players interested over time. You can bet I (and multitudes of other Potterheads) will be waiting impatiently for the new game.

Accio Wizards Unite!