Google’s ‘Files Go’ Now in Beta

Google’s ‘Files Go’ Now in Beta

Google’s new file management app is now available in beta. The app wasn’t meant to come out quite yet, according to TechCrunch, but as the app was being tested, some users found it, leading to the app’s early beta release.

The app has several different features, but the feature everyone is talking about is its AirDrop-esque file sharing. With Files Go, people can send files to other Files Go users just through a Bluetooth connection, making it possible to send files without an internet connection. Lifehacker explains that you simply open your Files tab and tap “Send” to send the file, while the receiver just taps “Receive.” Both people have to be using the app, and of course, they must be near each other.

As mentioned, this is similar to Apple’s AirDrop. However, AirDrop is built into Apple devices, meaning it doesn’t require the sender or receiver to download an extra app. Of course, as Lifehacker mentions, having the extra steps of opening an app and accepting the file might just be some welcome added security to help lessen the chances of harassment or mix-ups.

Files Go Beta doesn’t just work like AirDrop, though. It’s primarily designed to help users manage their files. The app specifically wants to show users how to better use their device’s space. The app itself takes up less than 6MB, which is reasonably small. Google Play’s app page notes that Files Go will suggest certain apps that you might want to uninstall, help take care of spam and unnecessary files, and make it easier to find the files you’re looking for. With these features and the offline file sending capabilities, Files Go is clearly created to take over as your primary file management and organization app.

Of course, the app is still in beta due to its unplanned early release. Files Go Beta is sure to have some kinks as Google works out the app and takes user response into account. However, if you want to check out Google’s new file management app now and get in on its early stages, head to Google Play and check out Files Go Beta.