Getting Ready for Black Friday

Getting Ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is fast approaching, and if you enjoy the rush of Black Friday shopping, it’s time to start planning out where to find the best deals. Black Friday is on November 24th this year, but of course, in recent years some businesses have started their deals earlier and earlier. Some stores actually open on Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd this year) instead of on Friday. And some places even run Black Friday deals all November long.

Whether you’re showing up to the stores in the early morning on Black Friday or checking out online deals all month long, you’ll want to have some options for catching big deals and comparing the deals between stores. There are print ads, of course, but many people now head to the web to figure out Black Friday deals.

If you only have a couple of stores you know you want to visit, then you might not particularly need any bookmarked websites or downloaded apps. But if you want to shop around different stores and see what a lot of them have to offer, check out some of these websites and apps.


  •—features online and scanned ads, the option to add things to your favorites, guides, forums, and more
  •—includes online and scanned ads, deal alerts, guides, and more
  •—has online and scanned ads, ad alerts, the option to create a shopping list, and more
  • Black Friday @ GottaDEAL—offers online and scanned ads, forums, a shopping list feature, deal alerts, and more


  • Black Friday 2017 Ads Shopping—available in the App Store and specifically designed to follow Black Friday deals
  • app—available through Google Play and in the app store;’s website in app form
  • DealNews app—available through Google Play and in the App Store; an app designed to help users find deals that is useful despite not being created specifically for Black Friday
  • Shopular—available through Google Play and in the App Store; another non-Black-Friday-specific shopping app that helps consumers find ads and promotions from stores