Cool Crowdfunding Campaigns

Cool Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding has been a popular way for individuals and upcoming businesses to fund their ventures. Crowdfunding can involve people requesting money for personal reasons, as often seen on GoFundMe, but it can also be used to bring potential new products to life. A look at Kickstarter’s most funded campaigns currently shows smart watches, coolers, card games, backpacks, and more.

Crowdfunding is a great way for people to turn their ideas into real products, and they can also be a cool way for consumers to get in on interesting new trends. Depending on how much you chip in, you get certain perks. Here are just some of the cool campaigns running right now. And for future reference, check out Indiegogo’s trending campaigns and Kickstarter’s popular projects for the most recent trends.

Creation Crate: Augmented Reality For Education

  • What it is: Curriculum for learning about technology
  • Cheapest perk option: $35 (a one month subscription to the crate)

FIXT Nomad – 100Gal. of Clean Water in Your Pocket

  • What it is: A water filter with a straw that makes most water safe to drink
  • Cheapest perk option: $56 (one FIXT Nomad)

Luminoodle Task: Flexible Anywhere Lighting

  • What it is: A light that can be placed in all different places and is flexible and versatile
  • Cheapest reward option: $44 (one Luminoodle Task and its accessories)

MOBICASE – the most functional laptop bag for mobile workers

  • What it is: A product that works as both a laptop carrier and stand, including numerous pockets and plenty of space
  • Cheapest reward option: $5 (to join the community for updates and special deals)

Retroduck, The Retro-Style Iphone Dock

  • What it is: A fun dock for your iPhone that acts as a stand and as a throwback to older days
  • Cheapest perk option: $38 (one Retroduck)


  • What it is: A game with card and board game elements and a dark fantasy setting
  • Cheapest reward option: $1 (to get updates on the campaign’s progress)

StarkBoard – Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard

  • What it is: A skateboard with weight and motion sensors that just require you to tilt your body to start moving
  • Cheapest perk option: $39 (an individual StarkBoard Charger)