Tech Spotlight

Tech Spotlight

Every week, I’m spotlighting at least three tech-related items you can purchase on Amazon! In this week’s article, I’m focusing on some fun and somewhat off-beat products for all ages (and for pets). With the holidays drawing nearer, you might even add some of these to your holiday shopping lists. Even better, go ahead and buy these now and take advantage of that beautiful Prime shipping.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

This kit lets kids (or adults, let’s be honest) follow instructions to build their droid. After the droid is built, it can learn different skills and undertake missions. Kids can also customize the appearance of their droids and move the different blocks around to set their droid up in a new way. Some of the things you can do with this toy are mentioned on the product page, like use “Force Mode” to move the droid around, navigate using a joystick in the phone app, and enable an “Intruder Alarm.” This R2 unit is meant to be continually changed and added to by rearranging the blocks and getting new kits to mix things up. The product page also mentions how the droid can be customized with “household items.” You might want this cool tech toy for the kids in your life, since it is directed at children. But of course, it could make a pretty fun toy for Star Wars fans of all ages.

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Petcube Bites Pet Camera

This pet camera is a particularly fun way to keep up with your pet(s) while you’re out of the house, because you’ll be using more than just the typical video and audio. There are lots of pet cameras out there, but this one has some cool special features. As you’d expect, you can set up the camera in your home and check in on the video stream using the Petcube app, and you can share clips with other people after the videos have been caught by the camera. It has a motion and sound detector to capture different moments while you’re gone, and it has two-way audio so you and your cute companion can talk to each other. Possibly the coolest part, though, is the attached treat dispenser. While you’re out, you can open the Petcube app and use it to throw a treat to your pet. The product comes with some sample treats, and after they’re gone, you can use your own. (Take note—depending on the treat size, more than one treat might be thrown when you tap to throw.) This device could be really great for pets that become anxious when they’re left home alone. It gives its users a way to communicate with their pets and reward them for doing tricks or behaving well while they’re gone. If you’re interested in a pet camera, this is a great one to check out.

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Phonotonic Move to Make Music

This product is a cool way to entertain yourself and your friends by making music with your movement. Phonotonic is a device you hold in your hand and move around to create music. You can use the connected app to pick different tracks, and you can save the music you make to share with other people. You can move the device to create rhythm and melody, and if you have more than one Phonotonic, they can work together. You can even take the sensor out of the device it comes in and place it in something else instead. It comes in different colors (cyan, yellow, and fuchsia) and is rechargeable with a micro USB. This interesting little device could be fun at parties or just using it on your own to create music in a unique, active way.

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