Want to Let Amazon Into Your Home?

Want to Let Amazon Into Your Home?

For years now, technology has been moving us into uncharted territory. We are able to do things now that it would have been difficult to consider just a few decades ago. Along the way, Amazon has grown to be an important player in the tech world. Amazon is everywhere and offers just about everything (even perhaps prescription medication in the future, as reported by Gizmodo). It has its own tablets and smart devices, downloadable content, and access to just about every product you might ever (or never) need. With an Amazon Prime account, subscribers can get free two-day delivery on Prime-eligible items. Soon, with the right components, you will be able to have Amazon items not just brought to your door but instead brought right inside your home.

Amazon Key is a new service that will be available soon for eligible Prime members. Amazon Key gives you a way to keep your delivered packages secure and safe. To use Amazon Key, you must purchase the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which starts at almost $250. The kit has a Cloud Cam (in a specific version made for Amazon Key), which is a security camera, and a smart lock for your door. If you have Amazon Key and choose their free in-home delivery, an Amazon delivery person will turn on your Cloud Cam and unlock the smart lock to put the package inside your door. The Cloud Cam lets you see exactly what happens, so you shouldn’t have to worry about letting the person into your home. You can either install Amazon Key yourself or have someone else come to do it for you. It’s a fairly simple setup with a very simple premise: making deliveries easier when you won’t be at home to receive them.

Of course, Amazon Key has caused some concern for people who are worried about privacy and safety. Though Amazon Key is clearly centered on the idea of letting you see who comes into your home and who will be able to unlock your smart lock, some people aren’t interested in letting any stranger into their homes, while others don’t like the idea of Amazon being further integrated into their lives.

Potential privacy concerns aside, if you’re comfortable with the concept, Amazon Key could be pretty convenient (if expensive). It could help cut back on package thefts caused by your packages being left outside your home. Also, if you order something that you don’t want left out in the elements and you know there will be extreme weather that day, it could be very helpful. And if you’re going on vacation and don’t want packages sitting outside for days at a time, Amazon Key would solve that problem.

Amazon Key is an interesting new offering that will come out soon, so if you have the $249.99 to spare, you might start considering whether it will work for you. You also should find out whether you’re eligible to use it, because it’s currently only being offered in certain areas. Time will tell whether Amazon Key is a success and worth the money—I’ll be watching closely to see how Amazon Key might change the way deliveries work. Visit Amazon’s website to find out more about Amazon Key.