Netflix Offering ‘Stranger Things 2’ Aftershow

Netflix Offering ‘Stranger Things 2’ Aftershow

Netflix is joining the post-show content arena with its new aftershow for Stranger Things 2, the just-released and highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things. The aftershow is called Beyond Stranger Things and is already up on Netflix, available the same day that the popular show’s new season went up for binge-watching. The aftershow episodes feature cast members talking about the show and developments in its corresponding episode. The episodes are hosted by Jim Rash, perhaps best known for his hilarious run as Community’s Dean Pelton. There is an aftershow episode for each episode of the new season, of course, and the length of the episodes varies, from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 25 minutes.

The choice to release its own aftershow on its platform is an interesting one since Netflix posts all of the episodes in a season at once. People typically tend to binge-watch their shows on Netflix, especially when it’s a show like Stranger Things that is hugely popular and very likely to be spoiled online if you’re not caught up quickly. How viewers will actually use this aftershow is yet to be seen. Some viewers might want to save the aftershow episodes for after they’ve completed the new season of Stranger Things so they can catch up quickly. Netflix is suggesting viewers do this so that they can avoid spoilers, which is an interesting way to set up an aftershow. Others might have more time and want to stop to watch each aftershow between each regular episode, warning or not. I do wonder how many Netflix users will actually do this, especially considering the potential spoilers. When I am watching a new episode of a show on regular television, I enjoy watching aftershows right away because it gives me something to think about and enjoy while I wait for the next episode. When I’m binge-watching a show, I don’t necessarily need this buffer. If Beyond Stranger Things is meant to be watched after seeing all of the regular episodes, it makes this aftershow very different from most. Also, it’s important to note that Beyond Stranger Things is different from many others because it doesn’t allow for any real-time interaction; many aftershows either take questions or at least let viewers respond in some way during the airing. But since Beyond Stranger Things is already recorded, this is taken out of the equation.

Whichever way viewers end up actually watching Beyond Stranger Things, releasing its own aftershow for Stranger Things on the Netflix website seems like a very smart move. The show is an absolute hit, and many fans will definitely love to hear the cast, creators, and others discuss the show. The post-show content might not end up serving the exact same purpose as it does for other shows, but it will give viewers the chance to go in-depth on the new season’s episodes and see the cast interact with each other while giving the feeling of going behind the scenes. If Beyond Stranger Things is the success Netflix is surely expecting it to be, we can hope that Netflix will come out with aftershows for more of its popular originals. Check out Beyond Stranger Things on Netflix now!

(Featured image: The Hollywood Reporter)