Dancing Hot Dogs and Other Internet-Themed Costumes

Dancing Hot Dogs and Other Internet-Themed Costumes

If you want to wear a Halloween costume this year that represents your love of memes and the internet, you’re in luck. Snap, who offers Snapchat, recently released a dancing hot dog costume based on their popular Snapchat video filter. You can buy the costume on Amazon for $79.99, which seems a fair price for a costume that the description claims is “Made of 100% beef, but never starts it!” and that features “Fresh new flavor.”

If the dancing hot dog from Snapchat isn’t really your favorite bit of internet culture, you do have other options this Halloween. Here are some other costumes that can show how much you love being online:


If you use a lot of emojis, you might want to dress as one. You have a lot of options, but here’s just one: Spirit Halloween’s emoji costumes. There are a few choices—for instance, you might want the laughing emoji costume, the poop emoji costume, or the puking rainbow emoji costume. There are child and adult sizes, so if the whole family loves emojis, there’s something for everyone.

Animal Memes

Animal-meme-lovers have some masks to choose from. You might want to dress up as Grumpy Cat with this mask. The rest of the costume is up to you. The same goes for this Doge mask. Both products show the models wearing t-shirts with the masks, but I’m sure you could create a full costume to go with the mask.

Popular Sites and Products

You might want to dress up as something less expected than a cat meme or popular emoji. In that case, you could wear a “Youbook” costume. You can show up to a Halloween party dressed like a social media profile mimicking Facebook. You could also choose to dress up like Twitter. Instead of being a Tweet or a profile, you could dress as the Twitter bird. If you’d rather not dress as a specific social media platform, you have the option of dressing like a smartphone with this dress.


You might be one of those people who doesn’t like to wear actual costumes. If you’re the person who wears normal clothing to Halloween parties and says you’re dressed up as yourself, consider trying a Halloween costume-themed t-shirt. For instance, you could wear this shirt that says “Error 404: costume not found.” Or, just as fun, you might wear this shirt that claims it is your “human costume” (you’re not really a human—you’re a unicorn). You might not get credit for putting together an actual costume, but at least it’s something.