Star Wars: The Last Jedi—Tickets and a Trailer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi—Tickets and a Trailer

Tickets for the next installment of Star Wars officially went on sale Monday, and tickets are selling fast. The release of the tickets was eagerly anticipated, and things got even more interesting when one outlet offered tickets earlier than planned. According to The Verge, tickets went on sale through Showcase Cinemas unexpectedly, causing some hubbub. Tickets sales were eventually paused and Showcase Cinemas began looking into what happened, though currently, they don’t seem to have addressed whether the tickets they sold will be honored. This minor snafu aside, regular ticket sales caused a stir online as people waited impatiently for their chance to buy tickets to one of the biggest movie events of the year. So many people rushed to buy tickets on Fandago that there were long delays, causing a lot of frustration for dedicated fans.

On the same day, Star Wars fans (including myself) got even more amped up as a brand new trailer came out during Monday Night Football. The trailer is about two and a half minutes of footage that wasn’t seen in the previous trailer. It features plenty of dark themes and exciting drama, as well as explosions, cute alien creatures, and intriguing family drama. Oh, and plenty of stormtroopers. The trailer has led to much speculation and detailed analysis, because there’s so much going on in it that there could be a lot of clues about what’s to come. Theories abound about Rey’s future, the meaning behind Luke’s words, and the final brief scene in the trailer (which I won’t spoil for you—check out the trailer!) Some of what happens in the trailer may also be flashbacks, as well, causing some devoted fans to intensely analyze the video and try to piece together a timeline for what we know so far.

As all of this was happening, even more excitement was built as Disney created a bit of a spectacle in Australia. Disney used a helicopter to hold an enormous lightsaber over the Sydney Harbour. This event was meant to build more excitement for the trailer and tickets. Check out GameSpot’s post to see video of the amazing sight during the event.

The excitement has been at a peak since Monday, and now that we’re part of the way through October, it’s a good time for a reminder that Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out in the US in just over two months. As the release gets closer, it’s safe to say the anticipation will build even more, and we can expect even more exciting releases and fun promotions as December 15th nears.