BlackBerry Motion Information Revealed

BlackBerry Motion Information Revealed

BlackBerry is in the news right now with announcement as interesting as anything coming from Apple or Samsung. BlackBerry has been around a long time, and in recent years, it’s been mostly overshadowed by iPhones and Galaxies. Its upcoming phone, though, should make it a real competitor again and give some people a reason to go back to BlackBerry when they’re shopping for a new phone. BlackBerry’s upcoming BlackBerry Motion will not have a keyboard like other BlackBerry phones have—it will actually be a completely touchscreen phone.

Images have been leaked of the phone, and it looks pretty different from what you might think of as a BlackBerry, but it looks pretty much like you’d expect a current smartphone to look. A typical older BlackBerry, of course, often had large keyboards that took up a large part of the device. They were often what we might consider clunky by today’s standards, and they had heavily rounded edges. At some points in the past, the name “BlackBerry” was often synonymous with “cellphone.” They were so popular and widespread that they seemed to be everywhere. After Android and iOS phones really took the stage, BlackBerry phones pretty much faded into the background, no longer leading the world with its smartphones. The BlackBerry Motion could be a chance for BlackBerry phones to seem truly relevant again.

Not everything is known about the Motion yet, but there are some bits and pieces. As mentioned, it will be fully touchscreen, losing the typical BlackBerry keyboard. According to AndroidCentral, it’ll have a decent amount of storage space (32 GB), a battery with a long life (4000mAh), water resistance, and a fingerprint sensor, among other interesting specs.

It’s hard to know for sure whether the BlackBerry Motion will truly make BlackBerry a competitor for Android and iOS phones again, but it’s an interesting step to take. Unfortunately, it will be a while before we can see where this development goes. Some markets will get the phone pretty soon, but it’ll be a while longer before it’s available in the US. Once it hits most of the major markets, it will be interesting to see how it fares.

(Featured image: BlackBerry Mobile)