Netflix Raising Prices

Netflix Raising Prices

Netflix, the streaming service we all know and love, is raising its prices once again. This comes at a time when Netflix has lots of eagerly anticipated shows coming out soon. Netflix’s streaming service offers plans for SD content, HD content on two devices, or HD and UHD content on four devices (the plans also allow downloadable content on one, two, or four devices, respectively). The Basic plan, which includes standard definition content available on one device and downloadable content on one device, is staying the same price, not moving from its $7.99 monthly fee. The other two plans, however, are seeing a price jump, particularly the plan that was already the most expansive and expensive.

Netflix’s Standard plan includes HD content and downloadable content on two devices. It was previously $9.99 and is now being raised a dollar, up to $10.99 a month. But their Premium plan is being raised even more. The Premium plan features HD and UHD content on four devices, as well as downloadable content on four devices. This plan is going from $11.99 to $13.99 a month, jumping two dollars. This price change will begin next month, and it will affect new and returning users alike.

In the past, this kind of price hike might have drawn discussion about whether it would drive Netflix customers away, but at this point, this seems unlikely. Considering how much of a powerhouse Netflix has become, it might actually make sense for it to cost a little bit more, and many people who stream their shows and movies rely heavily on Netflix. Netflix has gotten better and better over the years, particularly when it comes to its original content. Netflix originals are often widely acclaimed and enjoyed, with offerings like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Daredevil. And with huge new originals like Marvel’s The Punisher and the second season of Stranger Things coming out soon, there’s even more reason to stick around after the price goes up a bit.

If you have a Standard or Premium plan, keep an eye out for Netflix’s upcoming notification of their price change. And while you’re at it, keep an eye on Netflix’s upcoming original content.