Halloween is the Best!

Halloween is the Best!


I love Halloween.

Love it.

From October 1st through Halloween night I will watch The Nightmare Before Christmas many, many times. I will listen to Halloween music at my desk. I will demand that the skeleton and ghost decorations are put up immediately. I will imagine new ways to make our annual Halloween get-together with friends and family more entertaining and exciting.

So I was super excited when we decided to change the website theme to reflect the spirit of the holiday. Then, on top of that, we’re doing this amazing giveaway of Amazon Firesticks. It’s just making the best month of the year even better! If you haven’t entered to win one of the four Amazon Firesticks we’re giving away this month you should right now!¬†Click Here to Enter¬†

Firesticks are amazing, and if you’re not familiar with them yet you’re going to be pretty impressed. We’re all about the cord cutting here at EIN, and most of simply stream our favorite shows and movies at home without the need for a cable or satellite system. Firesticks make it so much easier to get rid of terrible cable TV and satellite contracts. You just plug them into the side of your HDTV into an open HDMI port, plug them into power (usually you can just do that by using the available USB port on the back or side of your TV), and boom you’ve got a smart TV! You can access your Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and even live channels with a subscription to a service like DirecTV Now!

So when you’re waiting for the next group of Trick-or-Treater’s to come to your door and threaten to egg your house if you don’t give them the full-size candy bars you can enjoy all your favorite content right on your TV. Then, when they egg your house anyway you can ignore it while watching a new release on HBO, or an amazing new series on Netflix. I hope you’ve entered, and I really hope you’re a winner because I love these devices and I think you will too!

Click Here to Enter

Even if you don’t win a new Amazon Firestick I don’t want to get tricked – so here’s a nice promo code for your Trick-or-Treat bag. Use promo code Treat2017 and get $10 off any new order in October! Happy Halloween everyone!

Kody Frazier


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