10 New Steam Games You Shouldn’t Miss

10 New Steam Games You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re typically pretty involved in the gaming world, you’ll already know about Steam. But for those who aren’t already familiar, Steam is a platform that is used to download games from a wide variety of game developers. To use Steam, you simply create an account, download the Steam software, and then find games you want to download. Steam offers everything from popular, well-known games (like Assassin’s Creed) to lesser-known indie games.

The platform is also very popular for its extensive sales that offer many games at extremely low prices, and it regularly offers some fun games for less than $10 or even for free. Steam users can play games like Dota 2, Fallout Shelter, Mobius Final Fantasy, Star Trek Online, and Robocraft for free through Steam. During their sales, games can be crazy inexpensive, leaving some Steam users to joke about how many games they buy each time the sales start. During one holiday sale, I remember buying about a dozen games in one day, most of them ranging from $1 to $4. Oops.

There are so many game to choose from, big and small, easy and difficult, that it seems likely that anyone with access to Steam and an understanding of gaming will be able to find something they like. As usual, some select games are on sale right now, while many others are simply offered at regular prices similar to what you would find on regular consoles. Until the next sale starts, here are some recently-added and interesting games you can buy for $20 or less each!


Image from Batterystaple Games
This game is a platformer that can be played by one person or multiple people, with the option to play with people online. There are regular new challenges to take on and a wide variety of different levels to beat. Players can collect power-ups and fight in boss battles. The trailer shows a fast-paced, colorful, busy game with a heavy retro feel. It also gives strong Mega Man vibes, so if you enjoy Mega Man, you should probably give 20XX a shot.
Price: $14.99 – Reviews: 94% positive – Check it out on Steam


Figment image
Image from Bedtime Digital Games
Figment is an action game set in a strange alternative universe and featuring odd-looking characters on an adventure. The game includes battles and puzzles, and it has an interesting visual style. The trailer shows wacky, loopy lands and off-beat villains, as well as clockworks, catapults, and giant floating books. This single player game should appeal to anyone looking for something unique and new.
Price: $16.99 (on sale) – Reviews: 86% positive – Check it out on Steam


Hiveswap image
Image from What Pumpkin Games, Inc.
This indie game is a humorous adventure following Joey Claire. It features monsters, puzzling situations, and a fun storyline revolving around Joey being transported to an alien world from 1990s Earth. The game is set in the world of Homestuck and is the first in a series of accompanying games. The trailer shows a fun animation style and an appealing mix of dark and brightly colored places. Take a look at HIVESWAP: Act 1 if you want to try out a game that’s fun to watch and intriguing to figure out.
Price: $7.99 – Reviews: 95% positive – Check it out on Steam

Project Nimbus

Project Nimbus image
Image from KISS ltd/GameTomo
Project Nimbus is a fast-paced indie game that’s heavy on action. Players in mechanized suits fight against opponents and weapons to survive in a post-apocalyptic universe. The single player game lets players use numerous different weapons while going up against different enemies. The trailer shows extremely quick-moving fight scenes, flying in space, and beautiful differently-colored mech suits. Check out this game if you’re searching for something fast-moving and enjoyable to look at.
Price: $11.24 (on sale) – Reviews: 89% positive – Check it out on Steam

Rainbow Step

Rainbow Step image
Image from AMG games
This game is set in a beautiful world where the rain never stops. Your character solves the mystery of the rain while clearing the skies and exploring a 3D world filled with rainbows and richly colored lands. The game is very simple, using only two buttons. The trailer features glowing butterflies, dark and rainy lands, rainbow platforms, and gloomy towers. If you’re into games that are more relaxing, beautiful, and don’t require a huge investment of time, this game should appeal to you.
Price: $2.54 (on sale) – Reviews: N/A – Check it out on Steam

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher image
Image from Monomi Park
Slime Rancher lets the player act as, well, a slime rancher in an indie action game. This adventure is set in a world far from Earth and is a first-person problem-solving game. Players have to keep up with ranching the slimes in order to make money and overcome various challenges. The trailer shows cute, rounded animation, bouncing, smiling balls of slime, and brightly colored areas of the world, all from behind the equipment being used to scoop up the slime. For a game filled with colorful blobs of slime and an off-beat adventure, check out this new single player game.
Price: $19.99 – Reviews: 95% positive – Check it out on Steam

SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 image
Image from Image & Form
This game is a sequel that’s set under the earth and involves platforming and mining. The game has a heavy Steampunk aesthetic and has the main character digging for treasure and fighting enemies along the way. The game centers on trying to discover the reason for earthquakes that have suddenly begun in a nearby town. The trailer shows a mix of dark, earthy shades and bright, glowing colors as the gameplay moves from above ground to the world below. It also features treasure, fast-moving enemies, and a battle above glowing lava. If you like platform or mining games, check out the new SteamWorld Dig game.
Price: $19.99 – Reviews: 97% positive – Check it out on Steam

Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Super Fancy Pants image
Image from Kongregate
This game is a curiously drawn platformer featuring a stick figure on an adventure. The game moves quickly and has the player fight enemies and take on challenges as they run. There are secret levels and plenty of different stages to run through. The trailer shows the main stick figure sliding through portals, springing itself into the air, and using an ink pen to defeat enemies, all while moving through stages of all colors. This game looks great for anyone interested in platform games, stick figure animation, and clever game design.
Price: $9.99 – Reviews: 86% positive – Check it out on Steam

Tooth and Tail

Tooth and Tail image
Image from Pocketwatch Games
This indie game is action-filled and strategy-heavy. Players build an army made up of different battle-ready animals, like owls and mice. This strategy game can be played in numerous different ways, including single player, online, and split screen modes. The trailer shows armies in battle, army camps, and mice waving flags in front of their troops. If you’re interested in games heavy on strategy and battle, take a look at this game.
Price: $19.99 – Reviews: 88% positive – Check it out on Steam


Vaporum image
Image from Fatbot Games, s.r.o.
Vaporum is a new dungeon crawling game with a Steampunk theme. The game features a mystery set inside an unfamiliar tower filled with challenges. The player solves puzzles and engages in combat while trying to figure out what’s going on around him. The trailer shows a dark game with battles against spider-like mechanisms, laser weapons, and the tower’s twisting interior. It also shows how players can use and equip different weapons and gear. Vaporum looks like a game for anyone who likes to immerse themselves in RPGs and solve mysteries, and it should be especially fun for anyone who’s interested in the Steampunk aesthetic.
Price: $17.99 (on sale) – Reviews: N/A – Check it out on Steam