Nest Adding a New Line of Smart Products

Nest Adding a New Line of Smart Products

If you’re pretty interested in smart products, you’ve probably heard of Nest. Nest has made a number of smart devices, and they’ve recently announced some pretty big upcoming products. Up to this point, Nest has been best known for their smart thermostats and their smart smoke detectors that also send alerts for carbon monoxide. In an announcement on September 20th, Nest gave a glimpse of their upcoming smart devices that will expand their product line and take them into new territory.

One of Nest’s new products is a complete home security system. The security system includes Nest Guard, Nest Detect, and Nest Tag, as well as the Nest app. Nest Guard is a small device that will work like the base of the security system. You can use it to enter a passcode or otherwise tell Nest that an authorized person has entered or is leaving. Nest Tag will work with the Nest Guard to arm or disarm the system quickly. The Tag is a small device that is pictured being kept on a keychain and that will be placed on the Nest Guard to essentially sign in and sign out when coming and going from your home. And Nest Detect is a thin bar that can be placed on windows, doors, and walls for several purposes: it has a motion detector, it can tell when a window or door is being opened, and it can shine a light when it detects your movement during the night.

With the Nest app, you’ll be able to control this smart system from your phone. You’ll get security alerts and be able to call the police. If you have one of Nest’s security cameras, you’ll be able to check the video to see what’s happening and, with an added subscription, provide the video to police if necessary.

Also announced was the Nest Hello video doorbell. This doorbell will let visitors ring you using a smart device. You’ll be able to see them in HD, and you’ll be able to speak to one another. It will also alert you if someone sets off its motion detector, even if they don’t ring the bell.

These announcements, and the announcement of new outdoor security cameras, are certainly good reason to keep an eye on Nest in the future—2018, specifically, when these products are meant to come out. If all goes well, Nest will soon be known for much more than their thermostats.

(Featured image: Nest)